10 Powerful Lead Generation Techniques

As we highlighted in our recent post (Lead Generation Makes £16.5 Billion Earning), the digital marketing technique earned £16.5 billion from UK consumers in 2014. The practice is on the rise and digital marketers are getting to grips with this conversion boosting tactic.

It’s a huge marketing opportunity any company can benefit from, primarily as proactive leads are actually looking for a businesses’ services. The days of cold calling and interruption-based marketing are numbered, and it’s a good idea to get up to speed with this innovative technique.

As lead generation services are a relatively new form of digital marketing, missed opportunities can occur – no matter how skilled your marketing team is. Here we highlight 10 tactics which can help push conversion rates in the right direction, and make lead generation central to your businesses’ marketing campaign.

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1. Create Exit-Intent Popups

Pop up ads tend to be a sure-fire way to irritate visitors and increase your bounce rate. Exit-intent popups are a touch different as they can be beneficial.

They offer a good opportunity to leave an indelible impact on your visitors, as well as adding to your site something of value. Once the visitor comes to leave, the pop up arrives with tactful CTAs, the possibility of something free (such as an eBook), or simply a newsletter sign up form.

2. Get The Right Strategy For Branding

Research your audience needs, market size, competitors, and your position in your industry. Branding is all about creating the right message, and prospects can be lost if you’re not setup properly to win them over. This ultimately points to your website’s design – getting a strong visual appeal is the bedrock for any lead generation campaign.

3. Be Mobile-Friendly

It may sound simple but many websites are still lacking mobile-friendly designs. Optimise your site to be mobile ready (Google created an algorithm specifically for this in April 2015) and benefit from a streamlined UX.

4. Create Quality Content

Your company blog is an ideal environment for tailored content to attract your target audience.  Inbound lead generation starts with blogging. You can attract prospects by creating, and sharing on your social media accounts, useful content for your audience.

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5. Provide Webinars

Showcase your expertise with a webinar. Anyone who signs up already has an interest in your services, and you can use your webinar to encourage the prospect to enter the second stage of your sales process.

6. Ensure Your Site Is SEO Ready

Maintain your site with the latest focus keywords to bring in relevant leads. Think about the services or products you offer and integrate these with your content, meta tags, and title descriptions. Regular checks on Google AdWords can mean well-placed keywords bring in relevant leads.

7. Opt-In Email Marketing

To generate a list of relevant prospects, opt-in email marketing campaigns are an excellent way to target proactive consumers. In your emails you can send offers, CTAs, or events for high conversion opportunities.

8. Include Plenty Of Forms

The use of forms on key landing pages (or your entire site) is a great way to lure proactive customers in to make an enquiry. As a CTA forms are perfectly placed to bring in relevant enquiries – ensure they can be filled out quickly and easily to help lift conversion rates.

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9. Use Testimonials

Include real testimonials to add clout to your service. It’s particularly useful to  have pictures to back up these statements for credibility purposes, as it’s often too easy to tell when some testimonials have been made up. Knowing you are trustworthy is a strong way to develop leads, and traceable testimonials are a great way to develop this.

10. Take Advantage Of White Space

It can be tempting to cram your landing pages with information and images, but to give added impact to your content it’s often a good idea to simplify your design. If you overdo it you can distract prospects away from CTA icons, so take advantage of white space to draw in quality enquiries.

And Here’s One Extra…

11. LinkedIn

LinkedIn remains an underused format with businesses. For lead generation purposes it’s possible to enhance your profile and make it showcase your career path, skills, and expertise.

Add to this with a few simple techniques: make intelligent connections, join a group and participate regularly, create a group, or take advantage of LinkedIn ads to promote your company. This can drum up relevant enquiries you can connect with on a local, or international, scale.

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