5 Reasons Websites Thrive Through Visual Psychology

1. The brain processes visuals 60, 000 times faster than it does text, meaning that they are easier to take in and easier to remember, if a customer remembers your informative visual content online they are far more likely to remember your company/product. You’ve got to like that.

visual website content

2. Even memes allow you to personalize your content and add humour, a brilliant emotional connector with potential customers. These are also memorable and many of them are viral, if the audience member see’s the meme again somewhere else it may spark their memory back to your company.


3. Also allowing the customer to see a human face or voice adds character to what could possibly be a human-less page. Showing who’s behind the bright idea is a great way to engage and entice possible clients.


4. Lots of text can be off putting. If someone is searching for a specific product or an answer, a webpage will open up and may contain a lot of text, the customer automatically switches off knowing that their answer won’t be easy to find. Whereas an info graphic or photo on your website will show information clearer and it will be easier to take in.


5. Images and photos are often seen as being more personal, engaging with your audience. This allows potential customers to see what your company is truly like and the goings on within the office on a day to day basis, these are easily presented through social media platforms. This may make them feel included as they see photographs; whether it be of you, your office space or even just your coffee!



Written by
Rachel Mach
Rachel Mach

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