AdWords Slowly Launches Demographics Targeting Tab

As marketers, we know all that: some clicks are more valuable than others, not every ad impression will definitely leave an impression, and not everybody who visits our site will convert. That’s why knowing your target market, and understanding how to cater to your key demographics, is important.

Advertisers previously had the ability to view their performance by a user’s gender, age range, or parental status. And while this was great insight into who we were reaching with our ads, we were limited to view our demographic performance by only one demographic at a time. Complex decisions, like deciding whether you wanted to cater your campaign to target younger fathers or older bachelors, are difficult when you can only view one part of your demographic.

However, it looks like Google has solved this problem. Over the last couple of weeks, an update has been added that makes viewing combinations of demographics possible. This opens up more opportunity for speciality businesses to better segment their campaigns, and for other businesses to use the data to find out if there’s a new target demographic we could have been missing.

AdWords now has a single “Demographics” tab, replacing the old “Age,” “Gender,” and “Parental Status” tabs: Demographics Targeting Tab

The new data can be seen by turning on “View Demographic combinations”: Demographics Targeting Tab  

Then layer on the any number of demographics: Demographics Targeting Tab

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Aaron McLellan
Aaron McLellan

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