New AdWords Ad Extensions: Improve Your PPC & CTR Performance

Get Ahead of the Competition with AdWords Ad Extensions

AdWords ad extensions are a smarter way to advertise, allowing you to include additional information to your ad on Google. This generates more interest and encourages more potential customers to click on your ad; it could be a special offer, links to other webpages, or just information about your business – it’s completely your choice. Over the last year, Google has introduced a number of ad features in order to improve the users’ experience with relevance, adding location, direct line and sitelinks to the adverts.  However, the innovations continue! With the new AdWords ad extensions, you can make your ad a cut above the rest. And the best part is that there is not an additional cost for those ad extensions – you’re charged as usual for a normal click cost.

Image Ad Extensions

The latest addition to ad extensions: images! What better way to advertise than with bright, sharp, colourful images that pop on the search page? Images instantly give your ad that extra boost and will draw your customers in, leading to an improved click through rate (CTR) and generally more visibility on the web. No wonder there’s been such a buzz since Google opened its beta for image ad extensions, although there are some strict guidelines to follow when it comes to setting up your images, rules such as no company logos (unless an integral part of the product), 5MB maximum, no text overlay and preferred dimension of 640 by 360 pixels (minimum 320px by 180px). However, after you get past those, you’re pretty much all set to give your ad the best chance possible!

Communication Extensions

email extensions

Recently Google trialed communication extensions as a beta, which allowed customers to fill in their email addresses to request things such as your newsletter, offers, updates or alerts. With this feature, customers could also request a call back, or email. This provides you with something valuable: leads. And, they each subscription is priced as a single click cost. This is particularly good for lead generation campaigns, as you’re letting the user come to you. The communication extensions may revolutionise the future of ad campaigns.

Review Extensions

review ext

Want to boost your company’s credibility? Why not blow your own trumpet, so to speak, with review ad extensions. These ad extensions allow you to showcase positive reviews or write-ups, maybe even a ranking from an outside website. Of course, it has to be tight to fit in your ad, and translates to just a line of text. According to Google, this has been proven to boost CTR by 10 per cent over 250 advertisers and a total of 50 million impressions; when you think about it, that’s quite a lot.

Seller Ratings in AdWords

seller review

Much like review extensions, seller ratings allow you to showcase your company’s good name, this time in the form of little gold stars; this is your customer ratings. This is also good for the customer, as they can then make a more informed decision about clicking through to your website, and why they should trust you. It’s good for you because it encourages more qualified leads and will potentially improve your click-through rate over time. The reviews themselves are submitting by customers who are reflecting on their overall buying experience (using sites such as trustpilot); not the products purchased. The reviews are then matched to your ad.

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