Danbro is a firm of award winning Chartered Management Accountants, providing umbrella and limited company services to thousands of contractors and freelancers throughout the UK.

The Brief

Positive user feedback from their existing site was lacking. Difficulties included a confusing customer experience, poor differentiation between Danbro's onsite sub-brands, and the CMS it was built on proved restrictive. Its lack of flexibility blocked Danbro from updating content, this forced them to rely on external support.

We approached Danbro’s problems with the view to compartmentalise their services. This would provide an intuitive user experience and boost cross selling opportunities.

We decided to give the site an overhaul, which involved adding easily navigable tabs to create a distinctive appearance. A colour scheme was chosen to complement the established Danbro brand, and plans were made to make the site fully responsive to mobile visitors.

A State of the Art Strategy

Danbro required a solid, scalable financial web design platform which clearly communicated with its customers in a simple and clean way.

For the redesign we placed emphasis on an uncluttered layout which is punctuated by Danbro’s key services. Users are drawn towards the colour scheme, and the bold use of language indicates the company’s expertise, award winning status, and myriad of functions.

The brand have embraced responsive design and are now fully accessible on mobiles, introducing a whole new audience to their expertise. Busy entrepreneurs and businesses, wherever they are and whatever they are doing, are now always within reach of Danbro's advice.

The Danbro Sub brands

Sub brands were created in order to distinguish Danbro’s services. This was key in promoting cross selling over the site, as users now had easy access to the a multitude of the brand’s services.

The Mobile Experience

Once the website’s new polish had met our high standards, we repurposed it for a mobile audience. The compact user interface introduced customers to a fluid and accessible user experience, whilst maintaining the call to action prompts (they act as visible sticky drop-downs which follow the user down the page). The tabs for Danbro’s services remain clear in the slide out menu, ensuring their full range of services remain in a prominent position.

The Desktop site

To further the site’s aesthetic appeal we took a photographic approach to the design. The old site relied too heavily on iconography; the inclusion of bold photography highlighted the human element of the brand. Alongside this, the inclusion of sub-brands introduced an easily navigable website to Danbro's new, and existing, customers.

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