Moduplan offers a hassle-free alternative to traditional bricks and mortar, and a stylish and modern option in place of unsightly portable cabin structures.

The Brief

Moduplan asks its clients to get involved in the design process, choosing their colours, panel types, and finishes. When it came to us in need of a web design re-think, we knew it needed to be impressive in order to reflect its company values and their services.

Our tasks were to improve its current web design and development, creating a website which would be visually compelling to the target audience as well as being simple and clear to navigate.

In order to appeal to clients - improving their website experience and keeping their potential clients on the web page for longer. Moduplan's branding and creative identity also needed a bit of a mop and brush from us to get it in preparation for the new website launch.

Brand Design

Thinking deeply about the true meaning of the, yet to be created, brand design, we planned out how we could reflect the company through our design work. We chose to create a contemporary brand mark using bold typography and earthy outdoor colours, portraying the simple way in which the outdoor structures fit together, and the attention to detail the company strives to uphold.

Moudplan property and construction website design

The Application

In order to truly capture the imagination of Moduplan’s clientèle, an online app was created that allows users to build their dream outdoor office, selecting panels, style and colours, all while the price is generated real time.

Bespoke construction web design

Bespoke Software Solutions

With our bespoke software development, the user can now store their bespoke design or submit the quote for the team at Moduplan to follow up. This allows Moduplan to engage with their customers using an easy tool that can be accessed anywhere.

Bespoke property web development

A Cutting Edge Website

To follow all of this up we finished with web design, making sure there was a clean contemporary design to keep up with competitors. We also needed to make sure the site was easy to navigate, to ensure customers were able to find exactly what they were looking for. We used striking imagery to help solidify key points and, with SEO at the heart of every web design, we made sure white hat practices were in place with the content so it could scale Google's search engines. To make sure everything was synchronised, we adapted the typography to run in tow with the branding to create a sense continuity.

Construction and property marketing

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