How To Use Content Marketing For Top Quality Lead Generation

Quality content is vital for successful digital marketing – it plays a key part in Google’s algorithms, adds clout to a site, and develops relevant enquiries for lead generation campaigns. Content marketing is, unquestionably, central to long term business objectives.

As part of a lead generation agenda, content marketing has several key attributes: the ability to generate sales requests, assist with lead nurturing strategies, and bolster CTAs. This is the power of content marketing – it captures the attention of prospects and makes them act on their impulses.

Clearly, then, getting the right copy in place is central to tying all of your lead generation plans together, but it’s important to understand how to go about structuring a powerful strategy. To earn leads businesses need to be precise in their approach, which is where Soap Media’s concise content marketing guide can help shape your lead generation campaign towards greater success.

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The Right Types Of Content

Lead generation is typically dependent on gated content – anything which requires a user to provide information (such as through a form) in order to see, read, or interact with content for the service being provided. Examples include forms, e-books, email newsletters, and surveys.

Freefrom tactics can be used, however, which is where ungated content can be used for easy user accessibility. Examples include videos, blog posts, or social media accounts. As with gated, its purpose is to get a prospect’s attention and, ultimately, their contact details.

Content can be used in varying ways for differing levels of effectiveness. For instance, white papers (sales and marketing documents used to persuade and entice prospects) are commonplace in digital marketing, and any CTA driven icons with strong copy to back them up. Other common forms of content include:

  • Thought leadership white papers.
  • Technical white papers.
  • Third Party white papers (industry analysis).
  • Case studies.
  • Customer testimonials.
  • Product videos.
  • TCO/ROI calculators.
  • Forms.
  • Data Sheets.
  • Product or Solution Collateral.
  • Social media.

The application of these tactics hinge on how well you know your target audience. Researching your sector can play a significant role in how content marketing assists your lead generation efforts, so it’s of particularly importance to understand what your prospects value.

What Do Prospects Value In Content?

Content marketing is about structuring copy to be powerful, personal, and precise. Marketing has adapted beyond the concepts of interruption based tactics and cold calling – individuals need to be respected, and content is the perfect place to target your audience precisely.

So what do prospects value in content? Something which is relevant and valuable. In the marketing world content begins the sales process, meaning the more personalised and precise it is for the reader, the greater the opportunity for an enquiry. This is where the following tactics for a successful lead generation content campaign come into their own.

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The 5 Most Effective Content Techniques

1. White Papers – Free Guides & Ebooks

“White papers” is an odd piece of marketing jargon but it originated from the British government, with the the 1922 Churchill White Paper being a key example. Nowadays it’s a content marketing tool used to establish thought leadership, authority, when developing a business case, and to persuade prospective customers about the quality of a product.

Essentially, white papers are an opportunity to be authoritative – businesses can supply a guide which turns a complex, industry specific matter into a concise piece of copy. It helps solve a problem, and it makes a brand assert its presence in an industry.

The most effective methods for white papers are product, technical, thought leadership, and analytical content. These help establish an authoritative presence and create awareness about the quality of a product or service, which can prove highly relevant for prospects who are wondering whether to submit their information.

2. Gated Content – Forms & Surveys

Gated content can be used for B2C and B2B lead generation. Typically the use of surveys and forms are directed at relevant prospects and prove to be a highly effective CTA. Simplicity is the key for gated content – provide simple, uncomplicated copy towards a prospect and leads can be generated through this efficient, and regularly used, lead generation technique.

3. Ungated Content – Social Media

Ungated content can work in tandem with gated as an additional technique to generate leads. Content isn’t restricted to reams of written text – the likes of videos, imagery, and succinct social media descriptions are also highly powerful forms of content marketing.

Taking full advantage of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (an often forgotten tool for businesses) is an ideal way to generate interest. Most notably, LinkedIn is a perfect platform to promote business authority and develop leads accordingly. Forming, or joining, LinkedIn Groups is a suitable way to get this form of lead generation started – simply engaging with a community is often enough to initiate serious lead generation benefits.

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4. Industry Events & Webinars

Industry events are ideal for content on many levels: they create a platform for social media shares (such as an event # through Twitter), presentations, interviews, live updates, curated content, photographs, and insider stories. It connects businesses with their audience and displays authority simultaneously.

Webinars offer a similar opportunity as they allow a business mogul to display expertise and create authority around their name. The chances are those who attend a webinar are already interested in the services or product on offer, which opens up a perfect opportunity to generate a lead by using a webinar as a sales pitch.

5. Know Your Audience, Be Powerful, & Concise

Lead generation content doesn’t need to be epic or evergreen – it serves its purpose by targeting an intended audience directly and winning them over with powerful CTAs.

Researching an audience (their behaviour, needs, and expectations) and tailoring content to suit this research is vital. Being concise, yet ensuring CTAs are tailored to audience’s expectations, is a skill and can take time to perfect, but lead generation campaigns can be adapted to what works best. Ultimately content should draw prospects towards what a business has to offer – it should add punch to forms, make a personal connection, and deliver higher conversion rates.

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