DebugWP WordPress Debugger For Developers

We absolutely love WordPress and have over the years built a range of sites from property management system, internal management systems to ecommerce applications. Part of the day to day process involved in theme development is debugging and optimising

Debugging WordPress can sometimes prove a little tricky at times and whilst WordPress has a few inbuilt functions like WP_DEBUG that will enable notices and php warnings to be displayed it doesn’t have anything specifically for outputting a snapshot of what is being loaded and not loaded. debugWP on the other hand provides an unobtrusive expandable bar that can you give you a quick eye shot of the key information being used by a particular page or custom post type at the point of execution  – which is ideal for seeing:

  • Total queries ran on the page to aid speed optimisation
  • Execution time of the main query to help gauge performance
  • General object information
  • Current Page & Post Type being loaded
  • Which page template is being called
  • Which scripts and styles are being queued and which have been loaded
  • A summary of site information
  • Bot Status – Really important to prevent/allow Search engine indexing
  • Number of posts per page
  • Current active theme

You can download the plugin by searching for “debugWP” via the “Add New” option under the Plugins section of your WordPress admin

As always if you have comments or suggestions please feel free to post them in the comments section or via twitter account

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  • So far so good with this plugin. Easy to install, and love that I do not have to set WP_DEBUG to True. But I specifically installed this plug-in to capture the Page Template info. So far, the plug-in is not displaying the Template info. Any suggestions on how to get the Template info?

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