Google Launch Estimated Cross-Device Conversions

Right now we are able to get any information or content we are looking for on easily accessible devices—such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The vast increase of consumers who are constantly connected to the internet and switching between devices means, for advertisers, it’s challenging to measure conversions starting on one device or browser and ending on another.

But now that’s a thing of the past, as earlier this month Google launched its new Estimated Cross-Device Conversions in AdWords. It’s the first sign that the company is acknowledging the need for advertisers to have conversion insights that actually reflect the real-world impact of their campaigns.

Google have also announced that soon their conversions estimate will include conversions made through either a phone call or a store visit.

cross-device conversions


Cross-Device Conversions depend on anonymised, aggregated data from users who have previously signed in to Google. The data is then used to estimate the number of Cross-Device Conversions attributed to AdWords campaigns.

Estimated Cross-Device Conversions will influence the way we value and bid on mobile advertising. As, coincidently, Google have released new mobile display ad formats and tools that automatically convert existing assets to rich media ads that fit all devices and screens.

By using cross-device estimates we are able to see a percentage rise as well as a more accurate total of our conversions.

cross-device conversions

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Aaron McLellan
Aaron McLellan

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