Magento ROI Tracking Extension

Tracking Sales Performance and ROI in Magento

At the core of any Magento e-commerce website is a fundamental business objective to generate sales revenue and ultimately profit.

At Soap we are accountable to our clients for our ability to develop solutions that will generate sales and a key part of this knowing the ROI on the marketing channels we use. This process relies upon accurate and detailed reports from which we can make strategic marketing decisions. For this we use a variety of tracking tools some of which are standard Magento features, for example ‘out of the box’ Magento does an excellent job of integrating Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking and a sample of the reporting is shown below:

Ecommerce Conversion Data Example

Why Use the Magento ROI Tracker Extension

However support for additional third party ROI Trackeing tools does not come as standard with Magento and they can be troublesome to integrate. Over the years we have developed a number of  Magento conversion tracking tools that help capture the data for ROI reports and we have compiled some of these for release  in the form of the Magento ROI Tracker Extension. This extension currently supports Bings Ads Conversion tracking on Magento (formerly Microsoft adCenter), Google Adwords tracking, ROI Tracker and Addshoppers

What Magento ROI Tracker Extension Does

The Magento ROI Tracker adds the functionality to trigger the Google Adwords conversion tracking code on the Magento ‘thank you’ page once a customer has placed an order. The extension also adds similar support for the ROI Tracker.

How to Install  the Magento ROI Tracker Extension

To install the Magento ROI Tracker tool simple copy the key from the ROI Tracker page on Magento Connect and install via Magento Connect Manager located under the system menu in your Magento admin

How to configure the Magento ROI Tracker Extension ROI Tracker

  • Enable: This disables/enable the conversion tracking code from appearing on the post order/thank you page
  • Account Number: This is your account number

Google adWords Tracking Code

  • Enable: This disables/enable the Adwords conversion tracking code from appearing on the post order/thank you page
  • Conversion ID: This is your unqiue Adwords account ID
  • Language: The site language on which the Adwords code is placed on
  • Label: This is the conversion name specified in your Adwords account that you defined
  • Colour: This is the colour of Adwords notification box displayed to the customer

Microsoft adCentre Tracking (Bing Ads)

  • Enable: This disables/enable the Adwords conversion tracking code from appearing on the post order/thank you page
  • Domain ID: This is your unqiue Bing Ads account ID

AddShoppers Tracking Code

  • Enable: This disables/enable the Adwords conversion tracking code from appearing on the post order/thank you page
  • Account Number: Your AddShoppers account number

How to setup AddShoppers ROI Tracking code for Magento Video

How to setup ROI Tracking in Magento Video

How to Track Google Adwords in Magento Video

How to track Bing Ads (Microsoft AdCentre) In Magento Video

Talk to Us

Going forward we are looking to include the option to specify a Google Adwords Remarketing code in the Magento add-on however if you have any other suggestions or improvements we would love to hear from you in the comments below. Alternatively if you have a specific Magento Development Project you would like us to look then please feel free to get in touch


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  • Paul Sturrige

    Can you tell me if this tool will support Magento 1.4? If not could you let me know when it will?

  • Adam

    Paul, unfortunately we are not looking to extend the extension to support the earlier versions of Magento, however it ‘may’ work – let us know how you get on.

  • Thieu

    I installed it and save my configuration settings? What do I do from here? How can I track the conversions? Do I need to add anything to the success.phtml file?

    • Adam

      Thats all you need to do. The extension automatically adds the relevant jscript tracking codes to your success page for you

  • Bryan

    Does this work along side the default Magento Google code or overrides it? i.e. Can I use this tracker for only and Bing and use the default Google that comes with Magento?

    • Adam

      If you mean the Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking code that Magento supports out the box – then yes. The ROI extension works alongside it

  • What’s the additional functionality resp. benefit of the ROI Tracking extension’s Adwords feature when already using the default Magento Adwords ecommerce tracking?

    • Adam

      Magento out of the box doesn’t support Adwords tracking. I think you may be confusing it with Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking which is part of a default Magento installation?

  • Bill

    Hi, does this work with Magento 1.6? Thanks.

    • Adam

      Magento 1.6 doesn’t support the new EU Cookie Law options introduced in 1.7 that allows for disabling tracking. Without testing I would say no, however it is perfectly possible it will work fine

  • sean

    is this compatible with 1.6.x

    • Adam

      Sean, Hi I can only suggest trying the ROI tracker on a test site to see if it works. We have had some feedback from other users that it does work but we cant guarantee it would (see Bill’s comment earlier for details). However if you do try it and it does work then please post back your findings so as to help others using the extension on older version of Magento

  • Kazi Haque

    Hi Adam,

    Will this work for Yahoo Search Marketing Conversion tracking?

    Bing is still not supported in Australia so we are still using old YSM.


    • Adam

      Unfortunately it doesn’t support YSM. However if you want to post a link in the comments to the old conversion tracking code I will pass it on to the devs here to see if we can integrate for our Australian friends

  • Kazi Haque

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your reply. appreciated it.

    I Installed YSM code in our Magento store manually. as per Yahoo’s direction, i put the tag in on 2colums-left.phtml template which uses in checkout.xml for tracking.

    On our YSM dashboard, we can only see conversions BUT no revenue data showing. Asked Yahoo support BUT no help.

    I read a blog post where author mentioned additional code:

    $y_orderid = Mage::getSingleton(’checkout/session’)->getLastRealOrderId();
    $y_order_details = Mage::getModel(’sales/order’)->loadByIncrementId($y_orderid);
    $y_saleamt = $y_order_details->subtotal;

    I used it before YSM default code BUT it messed up our website. I don’t know how to put this code along with Yahoo default code:

    <!– Yahoo! Search Marketing Australia & NZ
    window.ysm_customData = new Object();
    window.ysm_customData.conversion = "transId=,currency=,amount=";
    var ysm_accountid = "–Yahoo Account ID–";
    // –>

    Any help would be much much appreciated.


  • Carlos Luca


    I installed the module, but I need help in configuring, adworks is showing the site where the ads.

    I need to be shown the ads that bring sales in my store.

    Any tips?

    • Adam

      I’m not 100% sure on the question but I if ive guessed correctly you want to see what products are being sold via your Adwords advertising? If so you can get this information for Google Analytics simply goto Conversions > E-commerce > Overview > Product Performance. Then under “Advanced Segments” chose “Paid Search Traffic” then under “Secondary dimension” Select “Ad Group”. You will need to have ensured your Analytics account is linked to your Adwords and that you have enabled Ecommerce tracking in GA. I hope this helps

  • Hi Adam,
    I am using magento 1.6.2 and onestepcheckout from APPTHA, does you solution works in this scenario?


    • Adam

      Tim, yes the tracking codes are applied to the thank you page post checkout

  • Hey, Adam. Great work…! Any chance that you’d consider adding Nextag and Shopzilla support any time soon?

    • Adam

      David, its on our radar along with porting the extension to Magento 2

  • Eli

    Hello Adam,
    in Chrome tag assistance says
    Error: Conversion ID should not have quotations around it.
    Error: Conversion ID should not have quotations around it.
    Can you help me on this?

    • Adam

      Eli, hi. Have you tried the plugin on the default theme? Do you have the same problem with the ROI Tracker. As this is the first instance it would most likely fall in the camp of a theme issue – double check and let me know how you get on

  • Getting a 404 page in configuration admin after install. Any thoughts?

    • Adam

      Have you tried switched the theme to the default one and seeing if the issue persists?

  • Simon Brown

    Will you supporting the “eBay Commerce Network ROI Tracker”?…. Here’s an example of the code:

    var _roi = _roi || [];

    // Step 1: add base order details

    _roi.push([‘_setMerchantId’, ‘XXXXXX’]); // required
    _roi.push([‘_setOrderId’, ”]); // unique customer order ID
    _roi.push([‘_setOrderAmount’, ”]); // order total (including VAT)
    _roi.push([‘_setOrderNotes’, ”]); // notes on order, up to 50 characters

    // Step 2: add every item in the order
    // where your e-commerce engine loops through each item in the cart and prints out _addItem for each
    // please note that the order of the values must be followed to ensure reporting accuracy

    ”, // Merchant sku
    ”, // Product name
    ”, // Category id
    ”, // Category name
    ”, // Unit price
    ” // Item quantity

    // Step 3: submit transaction to ECN ROI tracker


    • Adam

      Simon – thanks for your suggestion. Yes, we will add this to the todo list for the next release.

  • I’m also looking for a solution for Nextag & Shopzilla, as well as Pronto & PriceGrabber. Any idea when the updated ROI Tracker will be released?

    • Adam

      Chris, hi shortly. We are evaluating Magento 2 at present

  • Are there any known issues using this extension with APC? I’ve installed and configured the extension – but when I turned APC back on the ROI Tracker config section disappeared from my admin under System > Configuration. Enabling APC also killed all the functionality of ROI Tracker – no tracking code inserted on my checkout success page.

    Turning APC back off and everything works as expected. I’d like to continue using the ROI Tracker extension, but I need to be able to run APC also. I’m running Magento CE and use a custom theme.

    • Adam

      Chris, have you tried it using the default theme with APC turned on?

      • Adam, after enough fiddling I was able to get everything working as expected. All I can figure at this point was that there was some stale data somewhere either in the server’s cache or in my browser’s history. I’ve been using this extension for about a month now and it’s working great!

        Still looking forward to hearing about Nextag, Pronto, Become, ShopZilla and PriceGrabber integration!

  • Dave

    Hi Adam

    Two quick questions:-

    For the Google Analytics tracking section

    1) What do I enter into the conversion format box?
    2) For the colour is my page is white so I want to enter the code for white so that it is not seen?



  • daniel

    Is it compatible with CE 1.8?

    • Adam

      Hi, it should be although it hasnt been tested

  • Hi, I have been using this tool and have developed on top of it to add more tracking options (Facebook ads, NexTag etc). Are you still actively developing or would you mind me adding my build onto Github for others to use?

    • Adam

      Ive emailed you

  • I installed the ROI tracking, so that we could track transactions through Bing. It installed ok and I added our Bing account number etc.
    Still, I don’t see any conversions on our Bing account. Do I ALSO need to add the Bing tracking code somewhere else on our Magento store page? In that case, what’s the point of this extension? Please advise.

    • Adam

      The bing tracking code has changed and will be updated – its in our backlog todo

  • Hi – I use gomage lightcheckout. the success page is in a different folder from standard magento. will your code still work – ie does it plant a block in success.phtml and if so, how does it know which success.phtml to use ???
    the gomage success page is
    I am using mag

  • Vanessa Vary

    Hi Adam,

    Great blog! Really interested to discuss with you support for our ‘ECN ROI tracker’. I noted from the communication on July 18th you would be supporting us in your next release. Be great to know more.

    Please get in touch 🙂



  • Duy

    Hi Adam,

    Our Adwords consultant pointed out to us that It looks like the current Adwords and Adcenter script in this version of ROI Tracker v1.2.1 is out of date.

    Some of the insecure code is being blocked and causing under reporting / over reporting issues.

    Are there plans to update the code. Or maybe in the configuration page in Magento, you can add a text box where the code can be manually inputted to be updated by the end user.


    • Adam

      Yes its in our backlog of todo items

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