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Over 6 of the world’s 7 billion people own a mobile phone – and with statistics like that, using mobile ads to advertise your business is a must. The epidemic has drastically changed the way we gather and use information, whether you’re searching for the nearest coffee shop or even buying a house. This means that mobile ads must make every character count.

Google have followed this trend, and previously announced an improvement in the way their mobile ads are displayed – making it easier and quicker for consumers to find things they are searching for, whilst on the go.

Since October 15th, the second line of ad text (description line 2), has been replaced by ad extensions on mobile search ads – also depending on how well it’s expected to perform, description line 2 may not show at all. The designed will show more relevant and useful information to consumers in a bid to increase conversions.


Mobile AdMobile Ad

Google have given an example of the ad update using the business ‘Flowers Forever’. They show that after the update, potential customers may see a Google Maps marker that shows the location of the flower shop, in addition to the website URL, ad creative and online order form — all within one ad.

By taking advantage of the way ads are now displayed, we are given another point of engagement with consumers, increasing the probability of a conversion. With just a single click on their mobiles, consumers can now directly engage with your business in three ways: they can visit the mobile website, place an order, or get directions to visit the store.

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Aaron McLellan
Aaron McLellan

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