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You only have 2.6 seconds to make a strong first impression online. Branding is all about crafting a memorable identity, one which captivates your target audience and ensures sales growth. With our industry expertise, we’ll help you leave a profitable lasting impression.

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In the hotly contested world of online business, branding is much more complex than choosing a logo and a catchy strap line. You need to stand out from the crowd with compelling strategies.

As a cutting edge digital branding agency, we can bring your brand to life online with a creative and insightful approach which will engage your target audience, nurture customer acquisitions, generate brand loyalty, and secure fantastic ROI.

We’ll work close with you to reimagine your brand. We believe if you get the corporate identity, branding, and logo perfected, you’ll connect emotionally with your audience and set you off on the right track to meet your KPIs and improve your conversion rate.

To achieve all your ambitious goals, we’ll take a look at your brand and industry to understand what motivates consumers in your market. We’ll take your project and pursue every possible avenue to ensure your brand gets the dynamic upgrade it deserves.

Branding and Creative Design Services

Freshen Up

Reimagine your Brand

A rebrand can add some extra clout to your business and freshen up your public image. Take a bold step and positively shape the way your customers see you.

There’s nothing unusual about a rebrand – businesses do it all the time to promote a new image or to update to the latest technological advancements. A rebrand is an opportunity to create a look which appeals to consumers in changing times. After all, how they view you can directly influence sales.

This is where we come in. We’ll research your competitors and see who is well branded. We then discover a key way to attract your target audience through the use of fonts, colour schemes, and logo trials – all of this develops an understanding of what pushes their buttons. This is branding in action – the formation of an actionable strategy.

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Rebranding Strategy

We’ll research your business and get under the skin of what makes you unique. Our complete understanding of your business will spark our creativity flair.

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Ideas & discussion

We generate ideas over creative discussions. Key points include how your business sits within the economy, who your competitors are, the target demographic, and your ultimate business objectives.

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Sketching ideas

Opening ideas are taken and developed amongst our team. We’ll be in regular contact for feedback on where we’re heading, building on what you have to say, all of which will lead to the final decision.

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Developing the content

Once we’ve removed the weak links we’ll begin with the final design, pushing it forward with our knowhow to perfect your dynamic new identity.

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Finalising the project

A highly creative stage, this is where we’ll complete drafts such as print material, stationery, and web design. The end product being an outstanding new identity to showcase to the world.

Be Unique and...

Reach your Audience

Every brand has a unique story, so how do you want to showcase yours to the world?

With cutting edge technology at our side, we’ll take a look at all the brilliant things you’ve achieved, merge this with your business objectives, and round everything off with our technological and creative wizardry.

Our rebranding will take your business and promote something consumers can truly connect with. It’s a chance to project a winning formula to the world, and we’re ready to take you there.

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Case Study

The Moorings

Lakeview sought a brand overhaul which would reflect the luxurious nature of its care home.

The rebrand had to facilitate the high standards of care potential residents expect and encourage older generations to choose the location. We ran concept ideas first to run by the company and understand the direction it wanted to take.

The objective was to create an online presence based on the idyllic surrounds of Lytham St. Annes, whilst portraying the sense of luxury at the care home the target audience would enjoy. Ultimately, we decided on a bold logo scheme which would represent the nature of the business and its local, nature driven aesthetic with its idyllic location by the sea.

This was complemented by the beautiful visual appeal of the site, which was assisted further by cutting edge mobile-friendly web design features which turn the company into a desirable care home.

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Everything we do has a business objective and a brilliant finish. The result is more brand than bland.