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Scrubbing up your social media sites could be the first step to your companies selling success. Advertising as we know it has gone and the world of social media is rapidly taking over. At Soap Media, we’ll lead you through that social media minefield.

Social Media is the Business

Twitter has around 255 million users and growing. Facebook has 1.23 billion! LinkedIn has over 300 million users. Shouldn’t your business be one of them?

Scrub up and get Social

Can you really do business on Facebook or Twitter? Yes, you can and more importantly you can do it well. With over 67% of people on Twitter ‘following’ their favourite brand and one in every nine people in the world owning a Facebook account, reaching potential clients has never been easier.

Social media marketing is an important tool when it comes to engaging with clients, it gives you the opportunity to instantly respond to clients, see who is interested in your company and spread the word.

social media marketing

In a nutshell social media is great for getting feedback, creating demand, offering discounts, spreading the word. Or just plain old getting attention.

“You are what you share.” ― C.W. Leadbeater

So how could your company use social media? Take Twitter for an example; Twitter allows you to upload a huge range of content, from videos and images to info-graphics and articles, these can then be shared to your followers.

But it doesn’t stop there. Sharing these sorts of pieces invites potential clients to engage with your business, they can ask questions, re-tweet your information or take part in a survey. If there is a customer issue, with a social media account you have the opportunity to show how responsive you are, and create sales from the huge quantity of Twitter traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms are also brilliant for advertising and with social media marketing being the next big thing, you shouldn’t miss out. Soap Media will come up with the best strategy to market your product to your target audience, creating the content message and graphic design work.Then we will stick with you and analyse the success rate of your campaigns measuring your return on investment and engagement from potential customers, overall effecting your companies brand awareness and sales. We can also create potential strategies such as competitions and discount codes to encourage engagement and keep people coming back for more! Discount codes are a brilliant way to entice potential customers into your company, they will be able to try your products at a discount price and when they discover how much they love them, they will keep on coming back for more.

Within the planning stage we will help you identify the best policy to reach customers and get your company out there, creating a top notch strategy. Using our SMART objectives we can measure and see the growth in KPI and which sort of content works before starting your project. This will allow us to decide whether your goals are achievable, timely and how they will be measured to ensure success!

At Soap we have scrubbed up social media marketing for many different sectors; Blackpool Pleasure beach (Leisure Marketing) Preston College (education sector) and Key Retirement Solutions (Finance Marketing). Proving that every different sector can benefit from social media advertising and you will to.


YouTube’s TrueView video ads only cost a company money when somebody chooses to watch the ad, not when an impression is served. This social media marketing strategy allows people to watch ads that they are interested in, rather than those that won’t truly engage the viewer. With TrueView your company will be able to target a specific audience, such as in a specific geographical area and will eliminate viewers who have already seen your ad or who aren’t within your target market.

Using Google Adwords for video you can use an existing video, add a description and you are ready to begin your TrueView campaign. Along with this form of social media marketing it is possible to build a cookie list of people who have viewed your video and use a re-marketing strategy to show similar ads to these customers wherever they are on YouTube.

Want to bring new customers in? Want to get your brand out there? So you need something fresh to update your company?Why not use social media marketing in order to boost your company’s sales and brand awareness?Your can’t go wrong.

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