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Advertising has been transformed by social media, with platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube allowing businesses to reach their target audiences in style. With our expert guidance, we’ll craft for your brand bespoke social strategies which deliver big results.

Laser Targeted Social Strategies

Social media marketing is about much more than amassing Facebook likes and posting well-timed Tweets. You need a finely tuned strategy to enjoy the fantastic results which are available.

Investing time and resources in social media is worth your time and commitment, as with an audience of tens of millions at your fingertips you can drum up enquiries, leads, sales, brand awareness, and conversions. It’s a digital marketing technique with industry recognised results, and we can lead your brand towards higher ROI.

Better still, through social media ads we can increase your brand’s online exposure, build your client base, utilise PR opportunities, drive relevant traffic to your site, build your online following, and develop interest around your services. With social anything is possible, and we’ll show you why.

Social media ads

Join the Big League


With over 1 billion active monthly users, how can you use the legendary Facebook to help your business grow its sales?

Facebook ads offer a direct service where businesses can target specific locations, demographics, and user interests. They can be fine-tuned to take in behaviours, connections, and custom audiences for a refined advertising platform.

It’s an integrated service designed to provide major exposure and, with a billion or so potential customers, it’s a great starting point.

Social media marketing

Tweet for Success!


288 million active monthly users and 500 million daily Tweets. Getting mixed in with punchy ads, trending hashtags, and bespoke photography will do your brand wonders.

With Twitter ads your business can grow a following, drive website clicks or conversions, increase Tweet engagements, and find leads.

There are also options for user interests and keyword targeting which let you reach a specific user base and find potential customers through signals of intent.

Promoted Tweets

Get Professional


The most popular business social media format, LinkedIn offers some 347 million members in over 200 countries.

As a social tool, it’s ideal for targeting specific industries and professions. The available features take ad details down to a granular level: location, company, industry, business size, job functions, and seniority.

Ads aren’t shown to people outside your specified criteria, saving you from wasted advertising expenditure, whilst making you look good to the business community.

LinkedIn for business

Video Appeal


With over a billion users, it’s no surprise more than a million advertisers take to YouTube to promote themselves.

On this hugely popular streaming video service, businesses can target by demographic, location, and language. Audiences can be targeted based on their online activities, proving opportunities for remarketing, and third party audience data.


Instant Success


A community of 300 million users drives one of world’s largest mobile ad platforms.

Instagram allows for sponsored ads which can reach your target audience in style and with, aptly enough, instant results. With the opportunity for creative flair and a switched on community, you can score big results.

Instagram | Soap Media

Pin it!


The popular visual discovery tool is a visual medium with a kick – they have tens of millions of extremely loyal users.

Take an excellent picture, upload it, and promote it to the demographic of your choice. Pinterest’s a highly creative format where the best ideas win, and we’ll make those promoted pins count to ensure you experience fantastic ROI.

Pinterest ads
Case Study

The Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre in Blackpool opened in July 1894 and is no stranger to creative flair and theatrical productions. It turned to us for a cutting edge social media strategy.

After designing and launching its new website, we assisted the respected theatre company with a digital marketing campaign to reach its target audience and promote its shows. We turned to Twitter and YouTube to reach the widest possible audiences, utilising the immediate nature of the formats alongside creative ads to promote upcoming shows.

In addition, we also integrated the latest social media features into the Grand Theatre’s website to allow it to interact with its established customers and grow its social reach. Each production also has a unique Twitter feed, allowing customers to contact it directly.

“ I cannot praise Soap Media highly enough. From understanding the brief to the final delivery, every aspect was considered in meticulous detail. ”

Andrew Howard | Marketing Manager - The Grand Theatre

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Take advantage of our strategic social media management campaigns to get noticed by tens of thousands of daily active users.

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