UK Strategic Growth in Affiliate Marketing

The term “Affiliate Marketing” seems to be increasing in popularity in the U.K. In fact, affiliate marketing has become a fast growing segment in the U.K. So, what does this mean for you?. Well, this refers to the growing popularity of an online advertising medium where the advertisers are basically online merchants who have products or services to sell.

This also includes pay publishers, who are basically independent parties that promote products or services of an advertiser on their website. The “pay-for-performance” model is a situation where those who introduce new clients to a business receive some form of monetary compensation.

In affiliate marketing, this process is a little different because advertisers pay the publishers only when a new client introduction ends in an actual sale. This establishes a minimal risk zone and ensures a high-reward model for both parties involved in this marketing model.

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TradeDoubler Moves Into Expansion Mode

TradeDoubler is a performance-based global digital marketing company, which has recently been making headlines across the world. Leading at the forefront of performance-based marketing, TradeDoubler is increasing its scope to push ahead with cutting edge solutions and boost tangible business results for a diverse array of brands.

In April 2008, the company’s contextual advertising solution, AdMatch, gained great momentum. This was designed to optimise the performance of online advertisements. AdMatch focused on enhancing advertising relevancy across its client websites to drive higher quality clicks and boost results not only for advertisers but for website publishers as well. This also enabled TradeDoubler to gather a vast resource pool of advertisers to match their ads to the content from their affiliate network. At the same time, vast breadth transparency was provided to optimise accurate targeting of the advertiser’s intended audience. This ultimately enhanced the overall results.

TradeDoubler Announces New Appointments to Fuel Expansion

The latest development at TradeDoubler was the announcement of the appointments of Ben Wood as its U.K. Managing Director to boost its U.K. management team and Lara Kelly as its Client Services Director.

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Ben Wood is likely to target ways to broaden the performance-based offerings of TradeDoubler, spanning ad networks and pay-per-call product areas.

Lara Kelly’s main focus would be on increasing the range of TradeDoubler’s consultancy offerings not only to deliver on but to exceed their client objectives. The growing client base that TradeDoubler currently enjoys spans a vast cross-section of key industry sectors. This is due to its vision of building longstanding relationships with pay publishers, advertisers and agencies.

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