How To Prepare PPC Campaigns For The Holiday Season

If your PPC campaigns aren’t up to scratch for the upcoming holiday season, then you could end up missing out on a lot of conversions.

To help you out, we’ve complied 5 of our best tips that us marketers occasionally forget.


Divide the Season

As far as marketing online goes, there’s 3 different parts to the Christmas season: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas itself. To get the most out of your advertisements, each one should be promoted separately – for example start advertising any offers or deals you have for Black Friday on the Wednesday before, for Cyber Monday start advertising over the weekend (after Black Friday), and finally after Cyber Monday start advertising for Christmas.


Tailor Ads

For each division, you need ads tailored with related language that will persuade somebody to click. The right message in the right ad will give you an immediate boost in CTR. Your ads for each should give the impression that your customers will be given the best deals you can offer.

ppc campaigns

ppc campaigns

ppc campaigns


Redesign Your Landing Page

The text in your ads should be visible on your landing page, if you’re advertising Cyber Monday sales then land them on the sales page; you’d be surprised how many ads lead to the home page. Although most importantly, embrace the Christmas spirit. By adding the theme to your landing page it gives the impression that your products are essential for the festive months, therefore urging people to convert. The Christmas theme will also capture and sustain the interest of your customers. Even if it’s only a tinsel border around the page, embrace it.



Don’t Forget About Mobile

With 64% of smartphone shoppers planning to buy more for Christmas on their mobiles this year, and another 44% considering using their smartphone for Christmas shopping, it is crucial that your mobile marketing strategy is strong. In all of your current ad groups, create ads specifically for mobile. This means that: your customers should be directed to your mobile-optimised eCommerce store, your ads should include your business location and contact info, and your ad copy should be locally focused.

ppc campaigns


Go That Extra Mile

By adding a discount code or a special offer that is only viewable on your PPC ads, you will not only get a boost in conversions; but you will also be able to see how many people have actually read your ads and remembered them. From this you can also track how many people have also paid attention to your ad and then later visited your site and converted. This is the best way to see how effective your ads actually are and if people actually read them.



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Aaron McLellan
Aaron McLellan

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