Make an Impression with Display Advertising

Think of digital display advertising as billboards on the internet. Understanding where your audience frequents, and displaying a compelling and inspirational offering, generates new customers, increases website traffic, and boosts those all-important conversions.

What Is Digital Display Advertising?

Digital display advertising

Display advertising is the strategic process of creating visually engaging ads that will be shown on the Google Display Network: a global marketing infrastructure, consisting of over two million websites and more than 600K apps. It’s a huge opportunity to extend your brand reach and supply targeted ads to potential customers. 
This is an opt-in network consisting of sites that offer advertising space to brands, helping business owners reach their prospective customers whilst they browse millions of websites, applications, and Google-owned properties like YouTube.    It takes a lot of time, effort, and commitment to optimise digital display advertising to ensure the maximum return. Due to the fact your display ads will be appearing on a user’s browser whilst they’re navigating a different journey, it’s vital that your ads are powerful and relevant enough to pique their interest, enticing them to take a different path and visit your website. At a minimum, your ads should be enough to plant a seed in the user’s mind, making them more likely to visit your site at a later point.   Soap Media has decades of experience creating and managing display campaigns across a multitude of industries, making us well-positioned to construct captivating banners that attract and excite your target audience.
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Display Marketing Has Many Layers

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Our display ad experts will use multiple different targeting criteria, referred to as layering, allowing them to hone in on your exact audience with precision.
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Find new customers through prospecting

In digital display advertising, prospecting refers to using ads to target consumers based on their interests and previous web activity. Targeting options that fall under the category of prospecting include:

Contextual targeting involves placing display ads on websites that are ranking for specific keywords within their content.


This method refers to showing display ads on websites or pages that are relevant to the service or product you’d like to promote. Whilst prospecting overall all is mainly upper funner, placement targets users who are lower down in the sales funnel because you’re targeting an audience you know is directly related to your own.

In-market audience and interest

In-market and interest targeting refers to showing display ads to potential customers based on their previous search queries and browsing history. As with placement, in-market audience and interest also targets potential customers who are lower down in the sales funnel.

Topics and demographics

We also have the option to target consumers based on their browsing habits that Google categorises users into, coupled with their demographic profile.

Remarketing your way to success

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Unlike prospecting, remarketing refers to the process of showing display ads to users who have previously viewed or interacted with your website in order to encourage them to re-enter the sales funnel.
Alongside scaling your brand visibility with prospecting activity, we also want to engage users who have interacted with your brand previously – after all these are warmer leads. We retarget users who have engaged with your ads or viewed and interacted with your website to ensure they don’t bleed out of the sales funnel. This is significantly more beneficial than performing prospecting alone, as it creates a catchment touchpoint.    For example, a user who has visited your website may have added something to their cart or interacted with a specific product or service, but then changed their mind and bounced instead of going through with the purchase.    Remarketing essentially gives you a second bite of the cherry, allowing you to show advertisements of your products and services to these people, enticing them to revisit your website and convert.   Additionally, from a business-to-business perspective where there are multiple decision-makers involved in the sales process, remarketing also ensures your brand stays at the forefront of their minds. This is extremely important because it encourages brand recall when the decision stage is pending.    Our expert team can do this using a variety of methods, including video remarketing, RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads), and dynamic retargeting.

Our Display Advertising Services


Over 17 years’ experience has taught us digital display advertising requires careful planning in terms of how it slots into your wider marketing strategy. As a digital advertising agency, we focus on what motivates your potential customers to ensure your digital display advertising is always relevant.


After discussing your objectives and finding out what you’d like to achieve with your display ads, our experts will put together a plan of action, offering advice on which type of digital ads will work best for your business.