Bing Launch Universal Event Tracking

Bing have just recently launched their new campaign measurement solution; it allows you to track conversion goals that are essential to your business. The new solution is called Universal Event Tracking. Using goals provides a way to track and measure your site’s business performance and objectives; they can be set up to measure and track just about everything – from transactions and purchase activity, to user engagement. Universal Event Tracking supports four different types of goals that help you in measuring and tracking your objectives: Universal Event Tracking This enables you to track the performance of your search advertising campaigns and measure the success by using only one tag across your site. The tag is a small piece of code on the pages of your website; whenever the web page is loaded in the browser, the code collects and sends data to Bing Ads – where it is then analysed. This determines if any of your goals have been met using aggregated data. If a goal has been met, Bing will then report on it. Universal Event Tracking allows you to find: which ad campaigns are most effective based on conversion goals, what keywords successfully lead to conversions and lower bounce rates, which customer segments convert better, and what type of engagement your keywords have on your site. Universal Event Tracker

Written by
Aaron McLellan
Aaron McLellan

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