Big Data & Analytics

By 2025, it's projected that each person will create over 4.9 megabytes of data per second. At least one third of all of this data will pass through the cloud - which represents enormous volumes of data to be analysed. We help you gain a deeper insight into your audience through our Big Data and Analytics services.

Big Data Analytics Agency Services

Gain a Competitive Edge

With so much information coursing through your business at any one time, chances are you’re not going to be able to make sense of much of it - or, at least, enough of it to make any impact on your businesses bottom line.
We’re information enigmas and are more than capable of giving any brand the competitive edge in this expanding market. We can spot trends a mile away, and number crunching is one of our favourite pastimes.   Using our keen eye for detail, we are able to advise you on certain areas of your business in order for you to reach your audience at the ideal point. This will increase the possibility of a conversion by providing you with the opportune moment to put yourself in front of your audience.
Big Data Analytics

Soap’s Big Data Management


The Soap team is always in the know, fully understanding the value of the data that your company has access to. We can put your business in a very good position with your competitors - especially if the data is extremely good quality.
Because we’re extremely familiar with data, we’re able to analyse your business data and help you improve dramatically through simply understanding more about all aspects of your business, its audience, its popularity and what works particularly well.

Audit & Objectives

Tell us what you’re wanting to get out of your data. This will allow us to be able to segment the data and make sense of the bits that mean the most to you.


Competitor Analysis

While we can’t get a hold of your competitors’ data, we can get a pretty good idea of a wide variety of aspects just by simply looking at their site, their backlinks, their advertisements, and much more.


Identify Personas

Using the data that we have analysed, we can pinpoint the perfect target audiences for your brand. This keeps the traffic coming to your site, providing you with high-quality leads.



Whether we are building out your existing campaigns or building new accounts on new networks, our implementation experience is extensive. You will own the accounts and will have a direct relationship with the network.


Tracking & Goals

It may surprise you how many companies don’t track goals correctly. We will ensure the data we work with is accurate and that it gives us everything we need to make the best decisions on your campaigns.


Forward-Thinking Strategy

We produce weekly and monthly reports with quarterly reviews, making things easy to understand. We create meaningful data with a narrative that helps us collectively make better decisions on the strategy moving forward.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

The performance of your webpages can have a huge impact on your PPC performance and ROI. Think of conversion rate as the multiplier; we are constantly testing copy, layout, calls to action and much more to increase this number.


Strategy Review

As we gather more and more data, it may become obvious that some tactics are working better than others. We conduct a quarterly review to see if we need to adjust the strategy based on your objectives and what the market is showing us.

Attribution Marketing

As marketing professionals yourselves, you will already understand that customer acquisition is absolutely not a linear journey. Working alongside you, we help you make sense of how digital marketing channels affect each other and how that can benefit your business.

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    Understand Your AudienceDive deep into the world of big data and your own business analytics to uncover patterns and trends that can be leveraged to create impactful strategies
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    Control Your ConversationsWe’ll show you exactly how you can reach customers when they’re at their most responsive, allowing you to converse with them at the most opportune moments.
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    Integrate Your ApproachHarness all your digital marketing channels to make sure they’re fully united and laser-focussed on working together for your business’s benefit.

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