Competitor & Market Research


Whether it’s consumer or business led, competitor and market research can transform your business strategy. We deliver insightful business-to-business reports, brand and advertising analysis, competitor market research, and qualitative or quantitative analytics so you have actionable, data-driven results which matter.

Expert Competitor & Market Analysis

Being in business means being clued up about your competitors, market, and consumers. Our research encapsulates what’s happening in your market and helps you evaluate the opportunities which can provide long-term ROI.

We gather, analyse, and act upon the detailed research we carry out, delivering competitor market research and analysis of the user journey to provide you with the armoury to implement significant improvements to your marketing activity. At each step we help you make sense of it all through our audits, ultimately building a strategic marketing calendar and content strategy with SMART objectives.

You’ll get a list of competitors with business summaries, an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors, and a breakdown of their online strategies. We’ll then make recommendations based on what we find, recommendations which should pay off where it matters most – in the search rankings.

Competitor and market research services

Structure your Strategy

It's the Age of Discovery

Fine tune your business strategy with expert insights on what your key competitors are doing and how you can do it better.


Market & Industry Research

Our market research provides insights to power you to new levels of success. Through highly revealing qualitative and quantitative reports, we’ll show you accurate and relevant research based on your market and its trends.


Competitor Analysis

We’ll analyse what your competitors are doing and what’s working for them. Knowing the ins-and-outs of your industry can set the foundation for major business improvements, and be the basis for successful new marketing campaigns.


Renowned Research Tools

Soap uses industry heavyweights to get unparalleled access to data which matters to you. We take advantage of a range of tools including Formisimo and Moz to discover advanced metrics through unique forms and detailed analytical tools, whilst Hitwise and Trend tools provides all important feedback on your market.

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Search engine optimisation

We’ll perform keyword research, consumer insight, competitor market research, on and off site content development, site coding, and numerous other SEO friendly market research. It’s all about getting to know your industry so you can adapt your website for those all-important SERPs.


Consumer experience

Get an understanding of your market. Ask relevant questions to your field and get clued up on how to direct your services to consumers. Consumer surveys provide information from your audience – learn directly from your demographic about changes you could make.


Customer & Client Analysis

We’ll talk to customers and clients for direct insight into your industry. Added to this, we’ll research consumer behaviour through a usability study of your site. We’ll discover what’s popular so you can develop on this interest.

Case Study

The AA

The AA is the UK's most trusted brand. When it turned to us to launch a new mobile tyre fitting service, we dug deep with our research.

In a hotly contested industry, the AA needed to launch its new project to immediately challenge its main rivals. It wanted to take control of the market, so by understanding the tactics of its leading competitors we were able to help the company launch its service and be immediately effective.

As the mobile tyre fitting sector caters for a wide range of customers, it was important for us to establish the different user personas which would be using the service. This market research helped us to determine the specific journeys users would be taking through the site, ensuring the sales funnel was clearly defined.

“ Soap Media’s bespoke eCommerce site is an impeccably designed platform which provides a strong user experience and a modern design. ”

Dave Jones | IT Manager

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AA Tyres mobile-friendly website design

Gain a Serious Advantage

Research Can Achieve Big Things

Gain an unprecedented advantage. Improve upon where your competitors falter and understand your market with cutting edge analysis.