Money Supermarket

Most recognisable for their “epic” brand strap-line and award-winning tv ads, MSM came to Soap to help unify their email communications to their customer base. With 100’s of different emails spanning a range of consumer-related financial products they found that over the years their email communication had become fragmented and ultimately didn’t represent the style of communication they wanted to convey, Soap came onboard to help unify all their outbound email communications into a set of design principles to ensure brand constancy whilst delivery a customer focused experience.

Unifying email into a design pattern

Atomic design principles

By collating the automation flow and visuals for all emails across all customer journey points we created a single overview of all unique emails across the company, from here we undertook an exercise based on atomic design principles to condense, simply the design pattern into a collection of building blocks which would effectively lock to a set of email brand guidelines.
The end result meant MSM have a bank of almost infinitive possibilities driven from the building blocks to drive dynamic content and ensure the brands quality was reflected in the look and build to their customer database.
Money Super Market — Email Wireframes@2x

Responsive Build, Testing and QC

Custom Sass/Strut

Once we had the design pattern down each building block was hand build to fit into a custom Sass/Strut based framework we developed, this kept the code clean and most importantly mirrored the design building blocks so bespoke templates could rapidly be created and delivered via Salesforce Pardot.
With the responsibility of representing such a prestigious brand it was imperative that no matter the device or client the technical coding ensured that emails looked perfect, to ensure this we went through our extensive device bank testing with real-world devices as well as over 80 devices and clients via Litmus.
Email Campaigns

Creative Disruption

MoneySuperMarket Email
Outside of the marketing automation cycle, MSM wanted to create a series of one-off disruptive creative emails to re-introduce the brand at certain stages. Soap came up with various ideas of which the most engaged was our idea about triggering an emotive responsive through jokes.
MoneySuperMarket Email
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