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With GDPR being in effect, it might seem difficult to find high-quality lead generation services that seriously benefit your business. Soap's online lead generation services engage highly motivated prospects and deliver them in real-time. Our proven methods provide your company with the best opportunity to nurture fresh leads and create sales.

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Inbound Lead Generation

Motivated Prospects

We believe that all good lead generation follows the same formula: attracting, engaging, nurturing and converting, and that’s exactly how we work. No cold calling, no consumer surveys or incentive trickery - we keep your brand’s reputation intact.

Our team has GDPR certifications to ensure we always operate in a compliant way. This guarantees that all leads fall under the legislation and are legally obtained, processed and used. We take away the stress and strain of outreaching to leads from your sales team, freeing up their time to do what they do best.

And with inbound leads costing businesses 61% less than companies who mainly focus on outbound ones, our SEO, social media and content marketing efforts work together to increase your ROI.

Lead Generation Services

GDPR Compliant Lead Generation

GDPR lead generation

We want to make sure that your leads are genuine and will benefit from your services in order to be a valuable lead. This requires us to don our detective hats and learn a little bit more about your business and services, as well as profile potential prospects to see if they fit the bill.

In short, the approach behind our bespoke in-house system, Soap Leads, is a method that, while it is still considered a selling technique, doesn’t actually try to hard sell. We would rather inform and educate potential prospects, building trust in your brand. We’re big on data-led solutions, and that’s exactly what you can expect from us here at Soap.

GDPR lead generation

Audit & Objectives

Prospecting and researching your ideal audience allow us to determine what your lead generation campaign strategy needs to achieve.


Identify Key Decision Makers

Using the results of the research into your ideal audience, we then look for shared characteristics among them. Using these shared common traits and behaviours, we will then identify those who match these traits as potential prospects.


Campaign Implementation

We'll create a customized email sequence which is designed to increase the conversion rates of your email marketing campaign. We also implement retargeting strategies to re-capture the attention of those recipients who haven’t opened your emails, in an attempt to encourage them to get in touch.


Results Monitoring

We provide access to real-time reports on how your campaign is doing; which parts are working well and which parts could maybe benefit from some tweaking. Should any leads stand out, we will alert you so that your sales team can step in and handle the potential sale.



We will provide a monthly report which outlines what we had proposed and how the campaign has been received by the recipients.


Strategy Review

Using the feedback from the results monitoring and the monthly reports, we are able to summarise the lead generation campaign and use it to tweak future campaigns in the right direction.

A Leading Strategy

High Intent Sales Leads

Every business needs to be confident that their lead generation strategy can deliver results. With 63% of companies stating the lead generation is a top challenge, the Soap team is here to apply techniques that will significantly improve your conversion rates. So, what are the key benefits you can expect from our lead generation service?

Our techniques will significantly improve your conversion rates, so what are the key benefits you can expect from our lead generation service?

  • 100% Exclusive LeadsThe leads we generate for you are always 100% exclusive – unlike some other lead generation companies, we will never sell them to another client.
  • High-Intent LeadsWe’ll target proactive prospects to limit wastage so that you’ll only receive leads who are highly motivated. This increases the likelihood of a sale.
  • High-Quality LeadsYou’ll only ever receive high-quality leads; we place every enquiry through our quality screening and grading process.
  • Real-Time DeliveryLeads are delivered to you in real-time for the best possible opportunity to make a sale and to increase your ROI.
  • Online Lead ManagementEasily manage your leads with our bespoke lead management software, which handles lead feedback and dispute resolution.
  • Cutting Edge Inbound MarketingGet ahead of your competitors with an innovative marketing technique that can improve your conversion rate significantly.

Lead Generation Process


We accurately identify and attract the target user personas while qualifying each lead individually. This guarantees that the right people with high intent are driven to your business. We facilitate this connection by driving leads directly into your CRM system or providing the use of our proprietary software.


There’s no wastage, just proactive prospects who want to hear from you without delay. Through a mix of digital marketing techniques such as paid search, social media, and content marketing, we’ll secure interest from relevant, highly qualified, pro-active prospects and deliver them directly your business in real-time.


More than 10 years of experience of end-to-end tracking of the prospect sales cycle, from specific advertising sources and content placements, allows us to know what works best. Our strategic knowledge, experience, and lead grading ensures we generate a profitable, relevant, and reliable lead supply for your business.


We want to work with you on a long-term basis, so ensuring we have lead specific feedback from you is vital for success. Quality leads are our priority: if you’re not converting sales, you’re not buying more leads. We work closely with you to ensure the sales outcomes are what you've asked for – so let’s grow together!

Lead Generation Clients

Featured Case Studies

iphonekey (1)

Key Retirement is a retirement planning specialist which offers independent advice to its customers on subjects such as equity release.

We developed a new website and separate landing pages for Key Retirement to win the business of more customers in a highly competitive equity release market. We migrated their old site to WordPress to remove former content restrictions, and our web development team implemented HTML code improvements and enhanced SEO features. To further improve the company’s objectives, we supplied a PPC campaign to expand the reach of the new site and pull in more customers.

Increase in conversion rate


Reduction in lead cost


Budget increase

Soap Media produced a website that not only looks fantastic and was developed and maintained professionally, but also, more importantly they produced outstanding results in terms of generating new leads. A truly excellent service and we are greatly appreciative of the support and help given so far. Thanks so much, it's good to actually find a company that do what they promise in the pitch.

Chris Millington | Head of Marketing


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