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As a Google Ads Premier Partner since 2005, Soap is a PPC agency at the cutting edge of creativity and technology. Our skills extend across the full spectrum of user experience to rinse out every last drop of ROI.
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As one of the UK’s pioneering PPC agencies, we’ve witnessed pay per click transform and mutate. PPC management has moved on from being a primarily keyword-targeted service into a complex beast. It’s now a sophisticated approach that can harness several bleeding-edge techniques. Text-based ads and simple display formats just won’t cut it now; you need to lean into creative campaigns, and live and die by optimising the signals that are then sent on to bid strategies driven by machine learning.
You’ll often see terms like “PPC”, “paid search” and “paid media” used interchangeably, but we don’t think it’s helpful to do that, as they are different. We’d explain it as follows.
  • Paid Media – Paid media is the top-level bracket of this entire service, encompassing various advertising formats like display ads, shopping ads, ads on social media, paid search ads, and more. Paid media essentially encompasses any marketing tactic that you pay for, including PPC ads.
  • Paid Search – Paid search is a significant branch of paid media, and can be used to summarise any kind of advertisement that appears on search engine results pages (SERPs). For instance, a Google or Microsoft text ad qualifies as a paid search ad, whereas a social media ad doesn’t.
  • PPC – A PPC ad is any advertisement that is paid for only when a user clicks on it. This is a very common paid search approach, which perhaps explains why many people now think the two terms describe the exact same thing. However, pay-per-click ads appear on social media or website display inventory too, so there is a clear dividing line.
Essentially, not all PPC ads come under the umbrella of paid search, but the majority of paid search ads (barring on-site display ads, ads with a CPM model that pay out according to how many people have seen them, or call-only ads that pay out when someone calls a number) will qualify as PPC ads. Both paid search and PPC come under the wider umbrella of paid media!   We’re an award-winning PPC company that has harnessed the constant evolution of pay per click ads to create adaptive and dynamic strategies that deliver supercharged results. The possibilities for pay per click are endless, whether taking advantage of advanced audience lists to offer a higher level of granularity for your targeting, or reacting rapidly to stimuli as varied as the weather and current affairs. PPC also seamlessly integrates with wider paid media tactics, as well as other disciplines such as search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to form an omnichannel approach.

PPC Marketing Process


The right PPC strategy from the right PPC agency delivers the purest return on investment, with clear, tangible metrics. We use a tried and tested process to engage and deliver your needs, reacting rapidly to our insight from the data to maximise your ROI.

Auditing & Onboarding

We scrub up your data to drive relevant customers to your content to either educate, engage or convert. These will form the basis of a strategy that delves deep into your customer personas to uncover their needs, and how fulfilling them will deliver your KPIs.

It’s instrumental that we figure out precisely what your customers want, and the pathway they will take to fulfil it. We’ll use extensive persona analysis to create compelling and engaging user journeys, speaking to them at each stage of the decision tree to nurture them throughout the process.  

We can also discover some quick wins by identifying what is working and what isn’t from an audit of your current strategy, alongside a competitor analysis. How your rivals operate is crucial to your success, with sophisticated reverse engineering tools representing the key to unlocking their gains for your benefit. The final stage will be deciding on the right keywords (or targeting methods outside of keywords) and weeding out the negative ones, combining them with the optimum traffic sources to focus on high user intent and cost-efficiency.

Implementation and Launch

Implementation & Launch

Once the strategy is agreed upon, we’ll get it ready for launch. Crafting compelling ad copy and creative assets with a strong call to action is crucial to success, and we’ll ensure they are laser-targeted towards your personas. We’re fully committed to transparency, which means that we’ll also create live dashboards for you to monitor progress towards the KPIs that we’ve agreed to achieve. You’ll never need to wait to benefit from what the data is telling us. 

Our implementation experience is extensive, whether developing your existing campaigns or building new accounts on new networks. And although we’ll be custodians of the accounts on your behalf, you will always own them and have a direct relationship with each platform.

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Optimisation & Attribution

Once we begin the implementation, we’ll ensure the strategy nimbly reacts to any shifts in your customers’ behaviour. Their journey is never linear, taking in multiple devices and several touchpoints, often unique from user to user. Our understanding of the attribution process ensures you can reach them however they choose to engage with you.

Data always leads the way, and we’ll continuously adapt our approach, so it’s agile enough to react to maximise your returns. Our PPC revolves around a proactive strategy coupled with a reactive and responsive approach, rapidly jumping on trends and leveraging real-time insight to optimise performance. We undertake rigorous testing, so we’re never reliant on assumptions or hunches; our results follow the direction the numbers tell us.

As the campaign progresses, the level of insight will increase, enabling us to discover more about your audience and continue to get the most for your money. We’ll review the attribution of sales and goals to develop a clear understanding of what each channel contributes from introducers to sales-clinchers, helping to pinpoint where to allocate your marketing spend for sustained growth.


Reporting & Realignment

As we work, we’ll regularly update you with weekly and monthly reports, relaying the information in easy-to-understand insight that demonstrates the strategy’s impact. We’ll coordinate how we do this with you, so the reporting delivers the information you need in the manner you’d expect.

These insights consistently improve the strategy, ensuring your marketing focuses on what your audience wants. We rapidly utilise the results from our experimentation and analysis, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve. Alongside this constant tweaking, we’ll organise quarterly strategy reviews to discuss the findings in extensive detail. This also gives us both the opportunity to explore the broader business goals as and when they change.

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Our simple PPC calculator lets you know the ROI we are confident in delivering. Enter your current KPIs and where you want to get to, and we’ll then demonstrate how to take the next steps to attain your goals.   Schedule a call with one of our pay-per-click experts today, and we can discuss exactly how our PPC strategy can power the ROI you crave.
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Our PPC services have been at the forefront of PPC management since 2005, and that understanding is powered by a data-driven approach. We understand which PPC channels are more effective for your goals and how to create campaigns for each accurately: a focus we refine daily, which keeps us in the elite of PPC agencies.   As we’ve said, we can also incorporate a PPC strategy with other essential marketing channels, such as our programmatic services and conversion rate optimisation. With mobile devices accounting for about 60% of all paid search clicks, we make sure to always stay ahead of the game in digital advertising.

Search Platforms

We’re experts in creating and managing high-performing ads across the full breadth of the Search channel, knowing in-depth Google, Bing and all other platforms.

Social Media Advertising

Reach your audience with highly accurate demographic targeting and benefit from this low-cost brand awareness and sales generation method.

Shopping Feed Optimisation

As one of the most important aspects of PPC, we optimise your shopping feeds to make sure that any traffic triggered is as targeted and relevant as possible. We also utilise any major marketplace to increase the prominence of your products, including Amazon, eBay and much more.

Programmatic and Display Advertising

We’re able to expand the reach of your PPC campaign to those who fit your target persona, utilising a range of channels that will be perfect for your customers. Using the Google Display Network (GDN), we’re able to create strategic display advertising campaigns that promote your business to your target audience.

Mobile Advertising

61% of smartphone users use their device to search every day, so we make sure you are there when they do. We create ads that not only work perfectly on mobile but also adapt intuitively to the mindset of users as they utilise their devices at home, at work and on the move.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

How your web pages perform will almost certainly impact your PPC performance. We can help you get the most from your PPC by delivering it alongside your Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy; think of conversion rate as the multiplier. We are continually testing copy, layout, calls to action and much more to increase this number.


Using well-tested remarketing techniques, we can guide users back to your website by showing them relevant content when they visit pages across the internet.

PPC Reviews & Audits

We can tell you what’s going well and what needs some fine-tuning, as well as where the big opportunities are. PPC is all about growing, and we’re here to nurture both your brand and your customers along their conversion path.

Attribution Analysis

Customer acquisition is not a linear journey. Our holistic approach enables us to accurately interlink your SEO, PPC and Social Media strategies, ensuring the customer heads where you want them to, however their journey is mapped.

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PPC Audit


By casting our eye over your current paid strategy, we’re able to give you a frank assessment of what you’re doing right. More importantly, we’ll deliver specific insights about where you could improve, and how our PPC management services will deliver these gains. Did you know that only 53% of companies tend to track their marketing ROI? Our team keeps a close eye on your campaigns to ensure you have good visibility and ROI.
We look at the following attributes and give personalised feedback, using our findings and aligning them with what your business wants to achieve. PPC audits can also reveal high performing keywords that can be used as part of your SEO services.

Strong Account Structure

We analyse if your accounts are set up correctly to succeed, which involves making sure that your account has a good structure to reach your customers at every touchpoint of their journey. We understand the full capabilities of each advertising platform – Google alone has Search, Remarketing, Display, Shopping, YouTube, Gmail, Pmax, Demand-Gen and Dynamic Ads. We’ll assess where your customers will respond to your ads and ensure your account is set up to deliver this journey.


Detailed Keyword and Semantics Strategy

Our keyword analysis delves deep into understanding how your customers communicate what they want, acknowledging that the language they use can change and vary on a frequent basis. This goes beyond just keywords but also into the semantics, understanding the colloquialisms and unique vernacular of your audience to locate those with high intent.


Competitor Analysis

No audit is complete without assessing the alternatives on the market. We provide a complete benchmark analysis of how your competition stacks up against you, identifying both the gaps you are losing to them and the opportunities to further allow you to stand out from the crowd.


Optimised Bid Strategy

Setting out a bid optimisation strategy makes the most of your money while promoting your site’s best areas or products. Machine learning is a huge component of this process, but we apply human understanding to ensure we interpret what the data tells us about your customers’ needs, wants and desires.


Data-Driven Attribution

1-click journeys are a thing of the past, so we assess exactly how your PPC aligns across an omnichannel approach. We look at the complete customer journey to evaluate how you perform across all of it, enabling you to effectively analyse your performance across a variety of metrics rather than focusing solely on the final click, which could inhibit growth in the long term.


Google Premier Partner, Bing Accredited Agency & Facebook Business Partner

We’re incredibly proud to be a Google Premier Partner, an accolade we have had since 2005 and a core reason why we are an elite PPC company. If that’s not enough, we’re also recognised and accredited for our PPC management services by Bing and as a Facebook Business Partner.

PPC Management Clients

Results are the top of our agenda

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Centre of Excellence (CoE) is an online learning platform that offers transformative education. Operating in 156 countries, they provide 500+ courses for more than 2,000,000 active monthly users.

As the planet retreated to lockdown in 2020, we worked alongside CoE to improve the mental health of millions worldwide as more students embraced the possibilities of CoE’s life-affirming courses. We transformed the marketing strategy to target a wider audience than ever before, helping CoE reach a broader range of people looking to upskill and fill their time with CoE’s empowering curriculums.


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Why Use PPC?

PPC can help you to achieve numerous business or marketing objectives relating to brand awareness, lead submission, sales, and more. It allows you to track and measure almost any kind of conversion goal. You can quickly set up a PPC campaign that either casts the net very widely or maintains a very tight focus: you retain total control. Results come very quickly, which means vital data to upscale or revise your strategy is not hard to come by. The performance of a profitable PPC campaign will also not be affected by search algorithm changes.

What Does a PPC Specialist Do?

PPC specialists at Soap Media manage your internet pay-per-click advertising campaigns and are focused upon one thing: delivering exceptional ROI. That means we take the time to fully understand your objectives and target personas, audit the wider competitor landscape, and then create a PPC strategy based on keywords, audiences, ads and creatives. The result will not only smash your KPIs, but do so in a way that saves you time and money.

How do you report your PPC work?

We regularly report on PPC work, on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, or around a timescale that works for you. We focus on making reports as easy to understand as possible, including the meaningful data that drives the ongoing strategy. We’ll keep you up to date with a narrative that explains what we’ve been doing, what ROI you’ve seen as a result of our work, and what we’re going to do next to level up your paid campaigns.

What is a good Quality Score?

Quality Score is a Google Adwords figure that estimates your keywords and PPC ads’ quality and relevance. A “good score” therefore depends on the type of keyword that you’re bidding on. Google automatically gives new keywords a Quality Score of 6, so a “good score” should be 7 at a minimum. That said, your branded keywords should ideally possess a Quality Score of up to 10, and your high-intent keywords should be aiming for closer to 9.

What's the difference between remarketing and retargeting?

Remarketing means that you are re-engaging with potential customers via email marketing. A remarketing campaign involves collecting and compiling user information into audience lists that are then nurtured with sales emails. Retargeting usually means that you serve ads to potential customers based on cookies and a user’s activity on your site. Retargeting uses third party networks like the Google Display Network to potentially reach millions of users.

PPC vs SEO: which is better?

PPC and SEO work best when integrated and aligned. “Which is better” in isolation depends entirely on what you’re looking to achieve. Paid ads appear above the organic listings that SEO seeks to influence, and can usually begin to deliver results more quickly. Targeting for PPC can also be far more granular. SEO is more focused upon generating organic traffic over the mid-long term, and this traffic carries no attached cost-per-click and tends to have more staying power.

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