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Programmatic advertising is for ambitious brands that need to combine broader reach with precise audience targeting. Its key benefit as a form of display advertising is how quickly it can leverage upper-funnel growth. Without it, you’re reliant on the audience growth of each siloed channel, but with it in your corner, you can scale at a much swifter frequency and attract more customers.

But knowing how to leverage the data for the optimum returns is an increasingly difficult task. That’s where we come in.

Programmatic Agency Services


Whatever we work on, the power of data and the insight it provides always drives us forward. The advances in programmatic advertising particularly excite our analytical side, as the sheer depth of customer information offers ample opportunity for innovation.
We love the insight we glean via understanding your audience’s multiple segmentations completely, whatever their niche, and mapping out a conversion pathway akin to their needs. The days of linear customer journeys are long gone, so we’ll delve deep into the numbers to figure out exactly how your audiences react, setting the agenda for creating display ads that respond intuitively to their engagements and responses. 
Customers rarely convert off the strength of the first ad, so to fulfil journeys that involve multiple stages of nurturing, our programmatic display advertising works best as part of an omnichannel approach. The backbone will be a strategy that combines real-time bidding with multi-device touchpoints, so we show the right audience the right content at the right time, whatever their medium or mindset. The outcome is a robust user-focused plan which delivers results and efficiency.
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Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic Advertising spend graph
Programmatic advertising has a number of high profile fans. Google used it to reach 30% more people while delivering 30% lower cost-per-thousand impressions when promoting its Google Search App.
It’s particularly proficient at dealing with the pitfalls of walled gardens, shifting from platform to platform as one becomes more potent in relaying your message to your audience. That’s the main reason why UK Programmatic Display ad spending in 2022 is predicted to exceed double the spend on it in 2017, jumping from £4 billion to in excess of £9 billion.   Focusing on a single channel can also leave high barriers of entry at the testing stage, often requiring large budgets to ascertain a good insight quickly. We utilise programmatic to mass test audiences across multiple channels. This ensures our insight into your customer behaviour isn’t skewered by the data delivered by one medium; it’s reflective of their actions across the whole of the internet.    Programmatic dovetails beautifully with PPC Management, working like soap and water. Make programmatic an integral component of your marketing attribution strategy, with agility at the forefront as we optimise your message wherever your customer will best embrace it.
Programmatic Advertising spend graph

Programmatic Strategy


Our programmatic strategy revolves around nine straightforward tenets, enabling us to effectively plan, implement and continually evaluate and optimise our approach to your display advertising.    We work on an ethos that balances being proactive and reactive, diligently planning a strategy and then creating the algorithm to ensure real-time bidding reacts as you sleep. This allows conversion and engagement to be delivered instantaneously when the customer is ready, not relying on any reaction from you. We’ll then undergo constant evaluations, spotting opportunities in new areas to capitalise on whatever the data teaches us, whether positive or negative.

Audit & Objectives

We’ll conduct a deep dive of your previous activity, including programmatic if applicable, to analyse how well this has done and where we can make improvements. We will then create laser-guided KPIs centred on precisely what you want to achieve, whether conversion-driven or focused on raising brand awareness.


Program around your Personas

The best programmatic campaigns make agile reactions to customer behaviour, ensuring we understand entirely who yours are. We’ll use your personas to create detailed audience segments, allowing us to tailor the campaigns around their needs and behaviour.


Build the customer journey

Once we’ve understood who your customers are, we work out exactly where they go on the internet. We analyse their activity and use it to map out their journey, creating carefully selected website placements that best reflect what the data tell us about how your audience and customers behave.


Create Engaging Ads

The next step is creating ads that captivate your audience and sit seamlessly alongside the channels. We build strong visuals that perfectly coordinate your brand guidelines, alongside copy that speaks to your customer in the way they expect. Everything will be consistent across channels, so each ad a customer sees is wholly reflective of your business and products.



Once everything is in place, we put the wheels in motion. Utilising machine learning and AI enables your display campaigns to scale rapidly as interest increases, and we’ll set everything up to react rapidly as your customer communicates their intent. This constant dialogue ensures your marketing never stops.


Dynamic Retargeting and Real-time bidding

Our agility in serving customers the right content relies on real-time bidding, so they’re fed ads based on instant updates of their behaviour, not following a plan based on a singular stimulus such as site visits. We combine this with dynamic retargeting and multi-device touchpoints, so you hit the audience with the right ad tailored by their consumption – in time, device and mindset. You are no longer reliant on the limitations of a single channel, using the most relevant for the customer at that moment in time.


Ongoing Optimisation

We’ll use frequent evaluations to create further evolutions of your strategy, making data-led decisions that react specifically to how your customers are behaving. We delve deep into the data to look for the opportunity wherever it is hiding, harnessing positive and negative reactions to make adjustments that deliver on your goals.



Our reporting process provides a comprehensive overview of how our strategy works in relation to the KPIs established at the beginning. We offer monthly and weekly reports, and you’ll benefit from a specialised account manager who is always available for any queries you have.


Strategy Review

Whilst swift adjustments enable rapid gains, we still take time to offer more extensive reviews on three-month increments. This gives us the chance to delve into the campaign’s performance and view success against your broader business goals.

A Holistic Approach

Programmatic advertising works best alongside your other marketing disciplines for a combined, holistic strategy that focuses all your goals alongside each medium.
As well as being a display advertising component of a more extensive paid media plan, we can coordinate programmatic with several other disciplines. Examples include affiliate marketing, to increase the awareness of your audience, or our CRO services to optimise each touchpoint of the customer’s journey.   We can also utilise programmatic digital marketing as an aspect of the marketing automation strategy we provide. Our goal is to become your partner in digital, and we’re at our best powering long term strategies to support every component of your digital marketing mix. Book a discovery call today to discuss exactly how our coordinated approach could deliver for your business.

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    Audit and EvaluateWe’ll give you an honest appreciation of how you are currently doing before delivering a realistic breakdown of your potential. This way, you’ll know precisely what a programmatic campaign with us can achieve.
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    Outline Your StrategyWe’ll build the framework of your strategy to outline exactly how we will approach your plan. We’ll use this to agree on clear KPIs and provide the pathway for success so we’re clear from the start on what you can expect.
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    Continuous Improvement PlanA starting strategy is just that, the start. Growth should be continuous; frequent iterations and powerful data-driven decision making will ensure we continue to fine-tune the process as we proceed.

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FAQs Section

What is Programmatic Marketing?

Programmatic marketing utilises automation for ad buying, with a real-time bidding process purchasing ad spaces as they become available. It enables you to set specific parameters about the audiences you’d like to target, leading to highly effective and laser targeted ads. 

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the automated process of buying and selling ad inventory through an exchange that utilises AI to work in real-time. It allows publishers and advertisers to work together instantaneously, ensuring that ad space can be bought and sold as demand dictates.

How does Programmatic Advertising work?

AI technology utilises algorithms to analyse website visitors’ behaviour, making accurate decisions about their likelihood of converting, clicking a link, or whichever action an advertiser requires. That data is then interpreted to serve ads to the customers most likely to fulfil the desired action.

What is Programmatic Display Marketing?

You can also utilise programmatic to buy display advertising. This enables you to deliver an ad to a specific customer type at the optimum points across the web. Programmatic offers greater control over the correct audiences to target at the correct times.

What is Header Bidding?

Header bidding is a specific form of bidding publishers offer to increase their efficiency, which calculates the price in real-time (in comparison, the waterfall method uses a fixed price). The result is that advertisers often get higher quality and better-suited ad space, while publishers receive a better and fairer rate.

How do you report on Programmatic Marketing?

Our reporting process is very straightforward and the same across all the work we provide. We offer weekly and monthly bulletins that demonstrate a comprehensive breakdown of how our strategy performs to pre-agreed KPIs.

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