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Affiliate Marketing is rapidly establishing itself as a supreme scaling strategy for your business. It enables you to leverage large and diverse networks to create campaigns focused on driving traffic, increasing brand awareness and turning visitors into customers. We’re experts in the field, and partnering with us enables you to evolve your affiliate campaign to turn site-hopping visitors into loyal consumers.
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A huge boost in revenue

Affiliate marketing enables you to scale your business by taking your content to networks crammed with future customers. The internet is a global marketplace segmented by a vast range of interests and demographics, and we possess the expertise to deliver your product to them wherever they lie.
We use bleeding-edge tools and technologies to scour affiliate networks and drive only the most relevant visitors to your site, placing us in the elite of affiliate marketing companies. This means more opportunity for conversion and sky-rocketing revenue.   We utilise an all-in-one affiliate platform with a broad spectrum of UI features to enhance your goals and provide accurate sales forecasts. It facilitates real-time evaluations of the strategy, refining our approach as the data informs us. It also ensures we can have a zero-tolerance attitude towards fraud, with a sophisticated prevention procedure which polices dodgy traffic and flags fraudulent activities.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy & Platforms

Working closely with our SEO team, we’re able to target the perfect audience and drive them to your website with the help of carefully chosen affiliate partners. Between 15% to 30% of online sales by advertisers are due to affiliate programs – representing a considerate boost to your ROI.
We’re incredibly data-driven, so everything we suggest comes from thorough research into your business’ data. Our approach is always bespoke, creating a strategy that focuses on your goals and harnesses your market’s potential. Communication is crucial on every level of every partnership, with you and the networks we leverage for your gain.

Research, Communication and Planning

We begin planning every strategy by a deep dive of all the available data. This will include analysing the market and your competitor’s activity, alongside a digital audit of your existing practices. This will unearth where the opportunities to improve are alongside any quick wins. We will then follow a Marketing Attribution approach to your customer personas, identifying every touchpoint of their journey so whatever their path to conversion is, we facilitate it happening.


Design and Development

The next stage will be building an affiliate system bespoke to you and your business’ needs. We’ll orchestrate the setup and launch, as well as manage any migration from your existing services. Partners will then be on-boarded, as well as setting up branding and creative guidelines that keep your identity integral at all times.


Affiliate Marketing Evaluation

Our all-in-one platform enables us to consistently evaluate how the strategy is performing. We can oversee all affiliate networks, including influencer and partnership marketing and affiliate media buying, planning ahead with a marketing calendar that programmes the right activity at the right time.


Digital Consultancy

The numbers always drive our approach, whatever we are working on. We’ll plunge deep into the data to forensically analyse your digital presence, creating a strategy to drive forward your brand proposition from every angle. We capitalise on several digital tools that harness big data and analytics for real-time changes, using business process automation software to deliver the changes as you sleep.


Outreach Plan

Building an affiliate database is a long-term process. To create a sustainable infrastructure that leverages all opportunities, we cherry-pick the best resources that lead to successful growth and long-term and well-performing partnerships. The breadth of affiliates is what makes this strategy so exciting, with bloggers, Instagram influencers and cashback and comparison sites among the internet content providers who can amplify your product. We’ll use our existing contacts and scour the internet for newer partners, constantly fine-tuning our approach so every relevant partner is available to you as they emerge.


Division of Affiliate Groups

We divide our affiliate database into essential groups to provide the best solutions. This enables control over cost management, budget and spend on affiliate commission and media buying, with each group split by either affiliate partner types, traffic sources, revenue and the performance they bring. You can adjust commission to affiliate groups on the types of placements they offer, rewarding them according to their tier, value of traffic, revenue in sales and performance.


Affiliate Project Management

We’ll manage your project from start to finish, including forecasting, media buying, reporting, planning and relationship management. A dedicated affiliate expert will utilise their expertise to leverage all the opportunities available to you, applying innovative techniques to uncover the most portable and rewarding relationships. 


Multifunctional Affiliate Platform

We use an in-house all-in-one affiliate platform, so no outsourcing with hidden costs down the line. It enables full transparency of our payment structure, actions and strategy with a clear reporting system which breaks down the data into easy to digest insight. 


Sales Forecast

We’ll use the data to accurately update sales forecasts daily and weekly, with more extensive reviews at monthly and quarterly points. It’s a tried and tested process that brings results, data that we use to integrate efficient partner referral programs, develop fluid, long-term and well-performing partnerships and eliminate affiliates that can harm than profit.

Affiliated With Success


American Golf — iPhone — Left — Portrait

Europe’s No.1 golf retailer, with 101 stores in the UK and Republic of Ireland, asked us to help manage the delivery of a new website. In order to maximise sales, it had to be highly optimised for search engines and needed to deliver an intuitive user experience.

In order to maximise sales, it had to be highly optimised for search engines and needed to deliver an intuitive user experience. The new site adopted a light design to allow more content to be displayed, without impacting load times. It also enabled us to draw focus on key areas such as unique selling points, promotional items and cross-sell / up-sell opportunities. By integrating merchandising tools into their inventory, the site was able to behave in intelligent ways based on real world business rules. For example, it could be set up to push end of line products or related products based on users buying behaviour.

I was impressed with Soap Media’s personal and hands-on approach. They took time to understand our business objectives and created a tailored strategy that delivered

Rizwan Rajpoot | Head of E-Commerce

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Affiliate Marketing FAQs

What is Affiliate Marketing Strategy?

An affiliate marketing strategy involves trusted affiliates widely promoting your products or services. This drives traffic to your website, also building trust and boosting conversion rates. Affiliate marketing is also known as “performance-based marketing”, as you only pay a commission when your KPIs are met (usually, a KPI would be a sale). A good strategy allows you to leverage the influence of your partner affiliates to boost your sales funnel. Our holistic approach means we analyse our customers’ needs to outline a suitable strategy roadmap. By combining a deep understanding of market trends and consumer behaviour with an extensive and sustainable database of affiliates, we can deliver the brand growth you nee

Why Affiliate Marketing?

According to Google Trends, affiliate marketing is a strategy that’s growing in popularity. We agree; we’ve seen first-hand how it boosts your reputation, broadens your audience, and cost-effectively scales traffic and sales. Affiliate marketing can help you achieve more sales and target the most relevant audiences, and as a performance-based strategy, it is already low-risk. But our powerful tools, including an all-in-one affiliate platform with a broad spectrum of UI features, mean that it’s an even more reliable way of benefiting your business. Our fraud prevention safeguards mean you can build trust and transparency along with successful sales.

What Does an Affiliate Marketing Manager Do?

An affiliate marketing specialist builds successful affiliate partnerships that align with your business. Keeping an eye on the competitor landscape, they ensure you don’t miss any marketing opportunities. They also manage the process of commission, refunds and invoicing for affiliate partners to maintain a healthy network. A Soap Media Affiliate Marketing Manager finds and creates novel solutions and approaches when building an effective strategy. We’ll stay in constant communication, from acquiring new affiliate partnerships and leads, through the process of sales and performance, and will regularly report on your campaign’s progress.

How Do You Report Affiliate Marketing Tasks?

We regularly report on affiliate marketing results and do so weekly, monthly, quarterly, or according to a timescale that works for you. We focus on providing comprehensive and easy-to-read reports, presenting the meaningful data that drives affiliate campaigns’ ongoing strategy. Alongside this, we will include a narrative that explains our work, what ROI you’ve seen as a consequence and our next steps to supercharge your affiliate campaigns.

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