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There’s much more to SEO than website content. If there wasn’t, we’d all be doing it. At Soap Media, we deliver the best SEO Manchester has to offer, built on a decade of SEO agency experience. We don our white hat and deliver rank climbing strategies which are as clean as a whistle.

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White hat Website SEO Consultancy

Preparation of web pages, page layout, URL structure, strategic positioning of keywords, backlinks – if your current SEO services don't integrate all of this with a sound web design and web development philosophy, talk to us.

We get your whole SEO strategy working in tandem with the rest of your business, which is the ideal approach to jostling your website up Google’s search rankings. Your domain must have authority, too, so you’ll need a well-structured link-building strategy. Luckily, we know a thing or two about this as well.

Full Service SEO

Integrated SEO Services

Getting to the first page of Google’s SERPs is what brands dream of. With 62% of searchers clicking on first-page links, it's where you need to be. We’re here to make it happen.

Our SEO services are based on building the ideal platform for your business objectives. We define your company’s performance indicators (KPIs), support this with detailed preparation in web design, and ongoing monitoring.

Businesses have to fight hard for click-through rates, conversions, traffic, and ROI. It’s a difficult job, and we’re up to the task! Take a look at our clients to see our fantastic work.

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SEO Friendly Pages

We begin the core of our operation by building the framework for your SEO campaign.

We’re always keen to make the UX (that’s user experience, to be clear) as seamless as can be. We design pages with SEO in mind, which is matched by a beneficial URL structure, mobile-friendly design, and the fastest loading speeds you can imagine.

Our team based in Manchester create bespoke web pages which add significant authority to your domain, boosting traffic and improving SERPs. Through this work we’re able to create category sections with sub-level content – these focus on product exclusivity.

Our CTA driven design focuses on interactive features such as homepage contact forms, homepage promotion, social media icons, a blog, all of which encourage a bit of consumer interaction.

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Are your website's page rankings being blocked by coding, speed, and structure problems?

Link Building

Well timed, keyword friendly, relevant links can provide incredible SEO results.

We provide link building tactics to boost your online presence, utilising creative content from quality writers to build up a White Hat friendly link building strategy.

Through content marketing, blogger outreach campaigns, infographics, linkbait, PR, interactive contentment, or social media promotion, we’ll get your links noticed.

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On-site optimisation

On-site optimisation primes your site for search algorithms and users. It builds the foundation for better page rankings and can make your marketing strategies succeed.

We’ll run an evaluation of your content so we can plan a strategy for your site. We recognise the importance of the UX, and on-site optimisation needs to cater for the user journey – the more the customers like your site, the more chance of conversions.

This is where the main work begins. We focus on benchmarking, baselining, website auditing, and we base our work around well-defined objectives and performance indicators (KPIs). On page SEO, content, titles and descriptions, and internal links are structured to get traffic to your site – traffic which will convert.

We implement chosen keywords across corresponding pages, ensuring URL structure is beneficial, before optimising the content for keyword signals, inter linking, and meta tags.

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Social Media & PR

Through a merger of the right social media and PR activities you can enjoy increased engagement from consumers.

We can guide you through the right strategies for a social media strategy which directly influences your SEO, building your authority and driving traffic to your site through creative engagement.

When complemented by highly targeted PR strategies, you can find your marketing spread to journalists, press outlets, and out into the wider online community. All to the benefit of your SEO campaign, as it’s an ideal form of white hat SEO which is driven by the right keywords to send you up Google’s SERPs.

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A PPC campaign gathers the data required to understand the amount of traffic keywords will generate. It's a fast, reliable, and guaranteed way to get you results.

Through us you can find the best keywords for your company – which will determine if the keywords lists we gather will be profitable.

Essentially, we’ll test individual keywords before you commit to their use, making for a risk-free and data-driven acquisition process. We’ll optimise and fine tune your ad campaigns to guarantee you’re getting the best positions at the best costs, ensuring higher conversion rates.

We’ll also provide you with detailed reports about your strategy’s progress. It’s real-time adjustment with major benefits – react to competitors, tweak your campaigns, and enjoy improved ROI.


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Ongoing Monitoring & Optimisation

Expert Analysis & Monthly Reports

Your SEO strategy will be monitored to ensure you’re on the move and, with our expert feedback, you’ll know exactly how you’re doing.


Is your site ranking as well as it could be? Discover the tactics you need to rule the rankings.

Case Study

American Golf

To realise its ambition of a £100 million turnover, American Golf had to improve its SEO strategy. Its existing site had decent search rankings, but was far from reaching its potential. With PPC being managed in-house, there was also no sign of an affiliate marketing strategy.

The new American Golf site adopted a light design to allow more content to be displayed, without impacting load times. It also enabled us to draw focus on key areas such as unique selling points, promotional items, and cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

By integrating merchandising tools into their inventory, the site was able to behave in intelligent ways based on real world business rules. For example, it can be setup to push end of line products based on a user’s buying behaviour.

“ Soap took time to understand our business objectives and created a tailored strategy that delivered. ”

Rizwan Rajpoot | Head of E-Commerce

Want to know more?

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