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For any e-commerce business, driving highly-targeted traffic to your digital storefront is a key priority. You can have the slickest website in the world and the most amazing products, but you won’t land those sales if customers can't easily find you among the thousands of other online stores. Nailing your e-commerce SEO game is vital. This is where we come in.

What is E-commerce SEO?

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E-commerce SEO is the process of optimising your online store and product listings to increase visibility for relevant keywords and queries on search engines like Google and Bing. It encompasses both technical and on-page strategies to make it easier for search engines to find, understand and rank your e-commerce website and its pages.
Search engine optimisation on an e-commerce site requires a strategic approach to boost discoverability and CTRs (click-through rates) on product listings and transactional pages. The end goal is not just to increase organic traffic, but to attract visitors who are ready to purchase, maximising your revenue per visit.

Standout E-commerce SEO Services

Our e-commerce SEO specialists take a full-funnel approach to increase visibility at all stages of the buyer journey – from the initial research phases and all the way through to driving loyal, repeat customers to your site.
As searchers get more sophisticated at researching and comparing products online, your e-commerce SEO needs to evolve in tandem to capture maximum revenue.

E-commerce SEO Audit

We start with a deep-dive audit to assess your current SEO performance and identify any technical issues, on-page optimisation needs, content gaps, and other areas that are in need of improvement. This lays the foundation for a truly insights-driven e-commerce SEO gameplan.

Keyword Research

We’ll use our library of keyword research tools to uncover your online store’s highest-value, revenue-driving keywords across product lines and categories.

Product Page Optimisation

Individual product pages are prime revenue drivers, so ensuring they’re fully optimised is of paramount importance. Our e-commerce SEO specialists will optimise titles, descriptions, headers, images, internal linking, schema markup, and other elements to turn your products into conversion machines!

Category Page Optimisation

Beyond products, we’ll optimise and elevate your category/subcategory pages with tight keyword targeting, unique content, strategic internal linking, and more.

Content Strategy

Whether it’s buyer guides, product comparison content or How to… blogs, our content strategy will be laser-focussed to reach potential customers and drive organic traffic to your site from intentional searches.

E-commerce Technical SEO

The technical side of SEO is particularly important for e-commerce sites because of their large number of product listings, reviews and other forms of content, so we’ll keep a close eye on the technical health of your site, blitzing broken links and guarding against duplicate content all while optimising your URL structures, schema markup and site architecture.

E-commerce SEO Checklist

Driving consistent organic traffic and revenue to an online store is dependent on ticking several e-commerce SEO boxes.
  • Optimising product titles, descriptions and images for your target keywords.
  • Implementing structured data markup (for reviews, pricing etc).
  • Optimising category and subcategory pages with unique content. 
  • Ensuring a mobile-friendly design and fast page load times.
  • Fixing any crawl errors, duplicate content issues and other Technical SEO problems. 
  • Setting up Google Analytics 4’s enhanced e-commerce tracking.
  • Continuously updating product data and content.
  • Monitoring high-value keywords, rankings, and organic traffic.
  • And much, much more!
We’ll make sure that you hit all of these goals consistently, putting your -website in prime position to be discovered by your target audience and to drive revenue from organic search.   As an e-commerce SEO agency, we have established partnerships with leading SEO technology providers, ensuring that we utilise the most advanced tools available. This allows us to deliver exceptional results by elevating every aspect of your e-commerce SEO strategy. When you partner with Soap Media, you benefit from this cutting-edge technology as a standard part of our service, ensuring your business stays ahead of the competition.
  • Crawlers like Screaming Frog Spider will be used to audit your site for issues.
  • Keyword research tools for researching product and buyer queries.
  • Google Search Console for data monitoring, testing and keeping an eye on visibility.
  • Heat mapping and UX analytics tools to analyse customer behaviour. 
  • App integrations and extensions from Shopify, Woocommerce etc.

Our Client Successes

Featured Case Studies


The AA is the UK's most trusted brand. When it turned to us to launch a new mobile tyre fitting service, we dug deep with our research.

In a hotly contested industry, the AA needed to launch its new project to immediately challenge its main rivals. It wanted to take control of the market, so by understanding the tactics of its leading competitors we were able to help the company launch its service and be immediately effective. As the mobile tyre fitting sector caters for a wide range of customers, it was important for us to establish the different user personas which would be using the service. This market research helped us to determine the specific journeys users would be taking through the site, ensuring the sales funnel was clearly defined.

Soap Media’s bespoke eCommerce site is an impeccably designed platform which provides a strong user experience and a modern design

Dave Jones | IT Manager


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    Audit your current e-commerce SEO statusWe'll start by thoroughly auditing your online store's current SEO performance and technical health, so we can pinpoint areas of opportunity, identify issues and lay the strategic foundation.
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    Optimise for maximum discoverabilityOur team will then implement a series of on-page optimisations to boost the visibility of your product listings, category pages, and other revenue-driving content.
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    Deploy an insights driven content strategyYou’ll receive a customised content strategy that’s focused on creating optimised content like buyer guides, product comparisons and other high-value resources to attract visitors who are at the point of purchase.

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E-commerce SEO FAQ’s

What is e-commerce SEO and why is it important for my online store?

E-commerce SEO is the process of optimising an online store to improve its visibility in search engine results, making it easier for potential customers to find your products. This involves optimising product pages, category pages, and other content with relevant keywords, and improving site structure and navigation. Without optimising for e-commerce SEO, your site could be missing out on traffic from potential customers.

How does e-commerce SEO differ from traditional SEO for websites?

Traditional SEO focuses on optimising general content, blogs, and service pages, whereas e-commerce SEO specifically targets product and category pages. It involves strategies such as optimising product descriptions with relevant keywords, ensuring high-quality images with alt text, and implementing user-friendly URL structures for products. There’s also a large emphasis on managing inventories and integrating customer reviews, all to improve visibility and drive targeted traffic to your site, with the intention of growing purchases.

What key factors influence search engine rankings for e-commerce websites?

Key factors include the quality and optimisation of product descriptions, the use of relevant keywords, and the presence of unique, high-quality content. Technical elements such as site speed, mobile-friendliness, and secure transactions (HTTPS) are extremely important as well. Additionally, user experience factors like intuitive site navigation, easy-to-use category structures, and internal linking can significantly impact rankings. Other important factors include obtaining backlinks from reputable sources and managing customer reviews and ratings.

How do you measure the success of e-commerce SEO campaigns, and what metrics do you track?

At Soap Media, we track many key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of our clients’ e-commerce campaigns. These KPIs include organic traffic, which shows the number of visitors coming to your site through search engines, and search engine rankings for targeted keywords, indicating how well your products are positioned in search results. We also monitor conversion rates, which reveal how many visitors make purchases, and overall sales revenue that’s generated from organic search. Other important metrics include bounce rate, average session duration and pages per session, which help us assess user engagement and experience.

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