Remarketing & Retargeting Strategy

Adapting your remarketing methods rapidly is vital for your brand to stay in front of your target market. Approximately 70% of website visitors have a higher probability to convert on your website when targeted with display ads.

Reach the Right People at the Right Time, Every Time

Re-establish a connection

The way that consumers research their potential purchases and buy online is constantly changing. Did you know that retargeted ads can lead to a 1,046% increase in your business’ branded search? In just four weeks after starting a retargeted ad campaign, there can be an increase of more than 700% in site visitation.
Using only the highest quality data, we’re able to pinpoint the areas of your buyers’ journey where key decisions will be made. This allows us to provide your audience with the information that will help sway them into making the choice to purchase.
Remarketing isn’t just a way to push your way back into the minds of your audience; it’s a unique opportunity to re-establish a connection with them by using the insights collated to create perfect ads and meaningful journeys which are tailored exactly to that specific audience persona.
As one of the most fundamental aspects of digital marketing strategy, and the fact that we’re a data driven agency, you can guarantee that our remarketing strategies are planned out to perfection with the details of your audience in mind. No longer an add-on service, we want to help you reconnect with your audience through the power of remarketing.

Remarketing Platforms

Meaningful Interactions

Our experts here at Soap are pioneers in using remarketing to boost our clients’ reputation, their bottom line, percentage of consumers and consumer satisfaction. We aim to make every interaction with your audience a meaningful one - especially when remarketing is concerned.
We transform your connection with your audience so that it’s a little bit more personal by showing them that you understand their needs. Adding to our consumer-centric approach, we also learn more about the ever-changing path to purchase behaviours.
remarketing platforms

Cart Abandoners

Approximately 72% of online shoppers tend to abandon shopping carts, and only a small 8% return to complete their purchase without targeted ads. Through a wide variety of techniques, such as promo codes and time-sensitive offers, we can accurately target those visitors who placed products in their online basket on your site and then abandoned the transaction. This aims to encourage a user to return to your site and complete a purchase.


Dynamic Remarketing

The question is - how can you improve the return customer rate to increase your conversions? Reaching your audience using the products which they showed interest in while browsing your website provides them with a more personal advert. This translates to 26% of returning customers that complete their shopping cart purchases when retargeted ads are used.


Long Sale Cycles

Working in a B2B industry, you will be used to a longer path to purchase. We understand that extra time is needed for these business decisions. We can use remarketing to help your audience make small, positive decisions along the buyer journey instead of pushing for a direct sale outright. Guiding your audience through the stages of (1) visiting the homepage, (2) browsing category, (3) viewing product, (4) adding to cart and (5) buying can, over time, translate to a conversion rate almost 150% higher for your business.


Audience Segmentation for Remarketing

Different pages on your website will have a different value. For example, visitors adding items to the shopping cart but abandoning it are more valuable in remarketing campaigns than visitors who land on your homepage and bounce. Segmenting your traffic allows for a high-value audience targeting. Factors such as time on site, number of visits and specific visited pages allow us to target customers with a higher chance of conversion.


Remarketing Campaigns for Existing Customers

At Soap we provide a holistic approach to remarketing campaigns, which include targeting your existing customers. Approximately 80% of your business’ revenue will originate from 20% of your customers. Returning customers are often advocates for your business, adding between 20% to 50% of buying decisions through word of mouth. And your returning customers will spend around 67% more in purchases than new customers, which makes them a valuable audience to keep in mind.


Knowing How to Balance Remarketing

Our expertise extends to providing balanced remarketing campaigns. Continuing to show the same audience the same ads over and over isn’t the best way to spend your money. Through our PPC team’s experience with Google Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads and Facebook Business, we ensure that your money is well spent in valuable campaigns.

Data Driven Remarketing Strategies

PPC Remarketing Banners
To get your products back in front of your audience, we use a selection of remarketing techniques that depend on what your goal is for your audience on a specific strategy.
You don’t need to worry about any algorithmic changes or search engine updates – we’ll handle all of those for you! We help you stay centre stage on your remarketing game.
PPC Remarketing Banners

Retargeting & Remarketing Made Simple

Remarketing strategy

We give you a behind the scenes look at our remarketing strategy service and show you how we could transform your current remarketing strategy into one which converts and gives you an incredible ROI.
From example CTAs and mock-up dynamic and abandoned cart ads, as well as a look at some of our impressive case studies, we’re confident that your business will benefit from a remarketing strategy from Soap.

Remarketing Clients

Featured Case Studies


Having invested over £15m in the park since 2011, and with the opening of Nickelodeon Land and the world's first Wallace & Gromit themed ride, Blackpool Pleasure Beach turned its focus to developing a world class website and digital marketing strategy.

Its existing website was tricky to navigate, didn't create up-sell and merchandising opportunities, and its digital marketing strategy needed tuning up to meet strategic business objectives. Our squeaky-clean strategy involved refreshing the brand logo, creating a new streamlined, responsive, and highly functional website, and incorporating a gift shop section for park merchandise and show tickets. The website is now geared towards cross-selling and product bundling, with the objective of increasing the basket value as well as boosting social engagement.

This new website has delivered great results in improving brand awareness for our Thrill Seeker and Family audiences and has also increased e-commerce conversions significantly.

Robert Owen | Director of Marketing, Sales & PR


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