Customer Persona Design

Did you know that building customer personas can offer approximately a 73% higher conversion rate? Understanding what your ideal audience looks like is imperative to succeeding in business. You need to know what their vices are in order to satisfy them, and any extra information that you can compile about them is always helpful when targeting them with your products or services.

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Demographics can often be too widely varied to make much of a difference to your results, especially if you have products that are targeted to very different audiences. Instead, why not create a “typical” audience member to cover each of the products or services?
Targeted content helps to nurture leads and provide a sales opportunity growth of more than 20%. With access to some of the best analytical tools in the industry, we’re able to create personas and compile persona targeting strategies in our sleep – it’s all in a day’s work!

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Customer Persona Design
You will be able to use these personas to target your audience in a wide variety of marketing materials; websites, content marketing, sales, advertising…the list is endless. Knowing who your buyers are also helps you to make the most of your marketing automation processes – vital for future growth!
By building personas, you’ll target the right people from day one, which means that your business no longer wastes money targeting people on the off-chance they slightly fit your audience. Save on costs while acquiring higher quality conversions, as customer personas can provide double the effectiveness with behaviourally-targeted ads!
Customer Persona Design

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Regardless of your industry, we can easily create tailored customer personas. Our experts use a variety of tools to determine the who, what, when, where and, most importantly, the why of your persona targeting strategy.
Customer personas allow for personalised email content, which increases CTR by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. This can translate up to approximately 18 times higher revenue than non-personalised emails. We navigate through what makes your audience convert, and where to target them within the sales funnel to get the best conversion rate – all using analytics and user data from your site.   We are, after all, a data-oriented agency who can understand what even the most complex data is telling us about your brand – including your ideal target personas!

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Blackpool's home of high-quality entertainment needed a radical update of its online strategy to get in touch with a new era of branding and marketing.

Whilst its stage acts remained spectacular, its website had become badly outdated. The theatre turned to us to overhaul its look and include cutting edge, industry leading digital marketing strategies to reach a wider audience. We reinvented the Grand’s website with distinct imagery which also references the company’s extensive history. Along with a responsive and mobile-friendly design, the site also features engagement boosting social media features to increase sales, and industry leading PPC strategies have helped the theatre reach a wider target audience.

I cannot praise Soap Media highly enough. From understanding the brief to the final delivery, every aspect was considered in meticulous detail.

Andrew Howard | Marketing Manager - The Grand Theatre


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