How To Succeed This Winter For Online Retailers

The festive season has taken a turn for the best for online retailers over the past few years, as online shopping has become ever more popular among the world’s population.

So, how do you plan on advertising your business? What days are you going to advertise your business more? What times of those days will you take your advertising one step further?


If you still haven’t figured these out or you aren’t sure how effective your festive plans may be, then don’t fear. Google have released data from across their analytics accounts of November and December 2013, in order to help you plan ahead for Christmas.

Google’s data shows that the December Mondays and Tuesdays leading up to Christmas, as well as Cyber Monday and Black Friday, generate the most sales. These days are when your adverts are going to be the most effective – so don’t miss out on the opportunity.




Using this data, it is clear that a large portion of your budget for advertising should be spent in the last week of November in preparation for Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

However, putting the analytics aside, what exactly are your advertising plans for this year? By taking inspiration from John Lewis and Coca Cola, two of the most talked about adverts in the UK last year, the theme of bringing people together is a good start. Whether it’s family discounts or offers if an existing customer introduces a friend to your website, it’s a good idea to fit this theme into your advertising wherever possible. Recognising Christmas themes and incorporating them into your ads means people will be more likely to click, and finally convert.


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Aaron McLellan
Aaron McLellan

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