N Brown Visitor Management System App

N Brown Group is best known for their household brand names like Simply Be, Jacamo and JD Williams. They needed a bespoke visitor management system app to be developed for them, which allowed anyone from staff to contract actors who were coming onsite. The requirements included being able to register or login in the most elegant and efficient way possible.
N Brown — Visitor Management System — iPad - Hero

Requirement Gathering

N Brown — Visitor Management System — iPad
Our documented process of the client when onboarding meant that we could efficiently gather the requirements needed for further work.
We could then easily develop a workflow for each persona and scenario of someone needing access to the building, from regular members of staff, to one-off contracts – ensuring relevant compliance materials where provided were applicable, giving us a working document to prototype against.
N Brown — Visitor Management System — iPad

Rapid Prototyping

Once we had the requirements and existing brand guidelines, we created a fully interactive prototype within a few days. It represented all progressive journeys and paths based on users' choices for simplicity and ease of use. Some paths’ requirement was more information, while others was to be more streamlined.
We based our work on what the system would already know about that user, effectively creating a final, interactive App UI/UX.
N Brown — Visitor Management System — iMac — Journey Map

User Testing

N Brown — Case Study User Testing 2
Testing and refinement are key to any successful product; by adopting a reductive process, we took the approach of “Are we asking for the least amount of information to give us the least friction in the customer journey?”.
For us, it was essential to know how we can make the experience faster and more streamlined without reducing the required data gathering for compliance. We did this by testing against key personas, and we were able to optimise the prototype to be as efficient and enjoyable to use as possible.
N Brown — Case Study User Testing 2
N Brown — Visitor Management System — iPad — End Screen
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