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The UK’s 1st Recommended Sylius Partner

Customers have high expectations when shopping on ecommerce sites nowadays. With more choice, more information and more ways to access it, the benefit of providing a tailored, streamlined user experience (UX) is greater than ever.

The Modern Customer

The UK’s 1st Recommended Sylius Partner
When we look at the world’s biggest and most successful ecommerce businesses, they all have one thing in common – a platform that engages and inspires their customers to do and buy more, with the flexibility to fit with their brand and meet their business requirements.   At Soap Media, we like to think of ourselves as experts in ecommerce, always striving to provide our ecommerce customers with the best and most effective solutions. Our continuous growth and development has come from leading by example, being ahead of the curve, and using the best technology and software available.   And this is where the Sylius ecommerce platform comes in.   Want your site to become a leader in ecommerce and be well ahead of the curve too? Get in touch with our ecommerce experts to find out how we can help.
The UK’s 1st Recommended Sylius Partner

Unrivalled Experts in Ecommerce

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Our expertise and success with this market-leading ecommerce system have resulted in Soap Media becoming the UK’s first recommended Sylius partner.
But while this innovative platform provides the scaffolding to create a first-class ecommerce experience, we believe the added value is delivered in the core of what we are and do – our experienced, highly skilled team, and our seamless development processes.   These have been strengthened and fine-tuned over the years from our knowledge and experience in responsive web design and web development, UX design and conversion rate optimisation   We also bring with us decades of collective ecommerce experience, which includes working with big national brands like the AA, MoneySupermarket, and Centre of Excellence (CoE).
Since we implemented Sylius for the CoE website, back in November 2019, we’ve enabled the online e-learning business to:  
  • Cater for over 552,000 customers
  • Supporting over 1.5 million sessions on the site each month
  • Reduce page speed loading times from eight seconds to less than a second

Award Winning Service

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Using a proven development process and agile scrum methodology for managing complex work, we can get your site to market quickly, use strategies to attract the right traffic, and convert your users into loyal customers.
By constantly focusing on your business needs and knowing how your customers purchase, our ecommerce experts will help you stay ahead of the competition. We will work hard to deliver solutions to meet your needs and improve the customer experience of your brand to even greater standards.    Our success is also backed up by our awards from Clutch, a world-leading reviews and ratings platform, which class us as one of the UK’s top digital agencies.   To learn more about our cutting-edge processes that help create the ultimate user experience for all types of customers, take a look at our UX design optimisation services page.
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What is Sylius?

highly flexible and extensible

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Built on the market-leading PHP web application framework, Symfony, Sylius is a highly flexible and extensible ecommerce system designed to provide a custom ecommerce solution.
The open source ecommerce platform has a ground-up approach, which makes it easy to use and set up. You can quickly tailor it to your brand’s look and feel, as well as your business requirements and API connectivity.    In turn, this speeds up your time to market, allowing your platform to pivot and integrate new products and services much quicker than other competing top-down products, like Magento. These elements can also be integrated into multi-devices for a fraction of the cost, in comparison to similar competing open source projects.    The platform also provides the long-term benefits of ease of development and options to customise your site, as you build your brand and offering over time. By doing this, the platform allows you to focus on growth while managing and/or connecting to your key business systems.   As a result, the net effect of Sylius means you can build and develop a market-leading ecommerce site that’s user-friendly, feature-rich and cost effective.

Features of the Ultimate Ecommerce Platform

So what else does this platform bring to an ecommerce website?
Your customers get a slick and speedy journey. But, in addition to that, your page speed can significantly improve, resulting in your Google metrics for user experience scoring even higher.
The system’s flexibility and extensible features mean you don’t need expensive hosting and deep configuration to scale up your business.
Key features and the quality of its codebase makes it easy to customise the ecommerce platform to your needs.
Best-of-breed features
The platform has a wide range of out-of-the-box features to further enhance your ecommerce site and the experience it provides for your customers. These include:
  • Order management
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Product management
  • Promotional tools
  • Customer management
  • Data import/export tools
  • Multiple currencies and localisation
  • Multilingual enabled
  • Customisable checkout
  • Multichannel selling
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Giving You Valuable Support

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All web projects need maintenance and adaptation – more so when you consider that a customer’s journey can always be improved. But when it comes to ecommerce, the constantly changing environment often leads to businesses needing ongoing website support.
This means the total cost of ownership (TCO) can be considerably high. The lifetime cost of a Magento build, for instance, can reach six figures, with most integration work requiring heavy lifting.
At Soap Media, we are a Sylius ecommerce development agency, which means we provide Sylius support that makes your TCO much more cost effective. We also use Jira and Atlassian software to help provide a service-level agreement that supports your business growth while following best practices in digital marketing.    In addition to this, we’ve supported our ecommerce partners by integrating the platform with a range of software to better cater for their customers and further improve UX. This includes providing more ways to pay, creating options to use multiple vouchers, and building workflows to help customers choose the best products for them.      All this ensures we deliver dynamic and fully integrated Sylius websites, which we can easily scale to your needs and implement new features to bring you a top performance.
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Partnering with Soap Media

UK's 1st Sylius partner

We don’t like to think of the businesses we work with as clients, and we don’t like the phrase client relations. We say, Soap Media is your partner in digital.
So what can you expect when partnering with the UK’s first recommended Sylius partner?

Strong relationships

We believe in delivering only the best possible solutions by working together and forming long-term relationships to achieve your business goals.

Outstanding communication

From the delivery of your brief to the final result, we will update you on all project developments and make sure you’re happy at each stage.

Measured response time

We know the importance of being responsive and will make sure we always get back to you quickly - whether that’s via email, over the phone, or in person - if, and when, you need us.

High-quality work

We don’t just provide solutions that meet high standards. We’ll work hard to produce work of the highest quality that surpasses your expectations.

Extensive experience

Our team combines decades of experience working with a wide range of brands of all shapes and sizes across many sectors. This ranges from finance to tourism, and education to ecommerce and retail.

Helping you succeed

Your success is our priority. With our skills, experience and passion for what we do, alongside our strong work ethic, ongoing support and communication, we’ll make sure your business succeeds.

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