Ideal4Finance was established in 2008 with the goal of creating a cost-effective solution for SMEs wanting to offer finance to their customers. Fast forward over a decade, finance options are no longer reserved for large-scale firms; they’re offered to businesses of any size. This is due to the strong relationships Ideal4Finance has built with banks and lenders.

The Brand Brief

Ideal4Finance had an exciting start to their existence. However, trends and user expectations change so regularly that even a couple of years can cause your digital presence to drastically age.
We were tasked with bringing a new lease of life to the brand; removing the corporate feel whilst creating a concentrated and tailored user experience. We undertook a complete rebrand before designing and developing a brand new website, all in-house.
Once their presence was polished, we then revolutionized their paid search activity.

Starting With The Rebrand

When Ideal4Finance first got in touch with us, steely blue colours dominated their website giving a cold and corporate feel. It didn’t correlate with their target market of blue-collar independent tradespeople who prefer accessible, straight-talking brands.
It was vital that we built a digital storefront that would draw in their target market, making them feel comfortable, and understood. The brand needed to reflect the positive part of Ideal4Finance: they offer finance to business owners who may not ordinarily be able to obtain it.   To do this, we opted for bold colours that are modern and refreshing, radiating warmth and approachability. We also generated a brand new logo, turning the ‘iD’ in ‘iDeal’ into a winky face.   Coupled with a soft, round typeface, we have created an identity that is modern, relatable, and human. For maximum effect, every business’ branding should resonate with their audience and truly reflect how they help their customers.

The Website Design

Once we’d nailed down the branding, it was time to move on to the next step: Designing and building a website that offered a true reflection of Ideal4Finance as a business.
Our UX analysts recognised immediately that the existing website wasn’t created with Ideal4Finance’s target audiences in mind. It didn’t highlight their USPs, and their content didn’t answer common customer questions or offer the right information. This was later backed up when uncovering high bounce rates and low conversion rates.   Therefore, our core focus was to create a new website that provided a frictionless user journey; one that fed prospects’ appropriate information based on their current position in the buyer lifecycle.   With this in mind, we created a range of journey maps within the site for each persona. The architecture of the pages within these journeys would enable Ideal4Finance to guide the user through the sales funnel in a streamlined manner.

Onboarding Workshops

We’ve created our own onboarding workshops and it’s these workshops that enable us to achieve our award-winning results. We collect and present our own research whilst capturing vital internal information from you. From there, we’re best equipped to configure a high-performing strategy.
At Soap, we build partnerships that not only dominate but last. Working closely with you, we carefully map out user journeys that delight your prospects at every stage and drive more results. Contact us today and understand how we could onboard your business and transform your digital presence.

The PPC Brief

The upgraded website provided page speed improvements and optimised user journeys, meaning we were well equipped to ramp up our digital marketing strategies.
Although Ideal4Finance had PPC campaigns up and running, they didn’t have the skill set in-house to take full advantage of paid search and generate the most ROI.

The Key PPC Focuses

At the start of every new partnership, we interrogate past activity (if it exists), carry out in-depth reviews of the main competitors, and analyse current market trends.


This paid dividends once again with Ideal4Finance as we uncovered a multitude of opportunities, as well as some potential risks and challenges to be wary of.


Creating Optimised Landing Pages

Before we took over the PPC activity, all campaigns were pointing to a landing page that didn’t accurately align with the customers or services. It also wasn’t optimised to convert. The process for creating paid search landing pages differs significantly from creating organic search pages. Therefore, this was one of the first items we needed to address.


We created campaign-specific landing pages to increase resonance with, and value to, the user. This benefitted our Quality Score. We also set up reporting frameworks, leveraging Google Optimise to carry out A/B testing to determine what features and information perform the best and drive conversions.


Attracting the Right Audience

The historic activity showed high bounce rates, unsatisfied user queries, and low conversions. Carrying out keyword reviews allowed us to filter out traffic with the wrong intent. We also used closed-loop reporting to uncover the keywords that generated the greatest ROI.


Targeting relevant keywords, and having an optimised landing page and ad copy led to our campaigns receiving a higher Quality Score from Google. Achieving high Quality Scores means that we achieve better paid search performance for our clients at a lower cost, getting more results for your budget.


Lack of Brand Awareness

Having done relatively modest activity in the past, the brand hadn’t acquired much equity. So, we had to start by educating the end-user on exactly who Ideal4Finance is, and the unique service they offer.


Within our research, we also focused on the more upper-funnel, longer-tail keywords that Ideal4Finance’s audience would be using in their searches during the awareness phase of the sales funnel. This allowed us to introduce the brand much earlier, and establish trust and authority whilst navigating the user closer to making an inquiry.


Creating In-Depth Reports

In order to maintain transparency with Ideal4Finance on the PPC activity we were carrying out, we built a personalised, real-time analytics dashboard for them.


Not only did this help them gain a better understanding of their campaign successes, this allowed our PPC experts to demonstrate success down to specific key terms and showcase where the real ROI was coming from.


Strategy Review

Using the feedback from the results monitoring and the monthly reports, we can summarise the lead generation campaign and use it to tweak future campaigns in the right direction.


This is a constant process, reacting to the data to ensure we are doing all we can to maximise optimum lead generation.


The Results

Not only are Ideal4Finance extremely happy with the website we built for them, but we’re also continuing to achieve incredible results with our ongoing PPC campaigns. In fact, since the start of 2022, we have:

increase in conversion rate


decrease of cost of conversion


increase in conversions

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Here’s what Ideal4Finance had to say about us:

“Soap manages all our PPC activity with a brief to deliver us sales leads for our consumer and retail finance business. I currently work with two members of the Soap team, Paid Search Lead, Ben, and Junior Paid Media Assistant, Sofia. The campaigns are performing very well and we are happy with the number of conversions we are achieving. I am [also] extremely happy with both Ben and Sofia. We have a weekly catch-up to review recent activity and discuss any issues or new developments. They are really proactive at suggesting new ideas to try or ways to improve campaign performance. Communication is excellent from both Ben and Sofia and I feel we have a very productive and extremely good-natured working relationship.”
Head of Marketing
Ideal 4 Finance

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