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Do you notice a negative impact on your website traffic, bounce rate, sales target, social media following, or other areas of your marketing strategy? With marketing technology being, on average, 33% of the marketing budget, it’s essential to gain a new insight into how your business and your brand can reach current goals and continue growing.

Digital Check-up

Digital Presence

Our team makes sure that your entire digital presence is analysed, so that you have a clear idea of where you stand within your industry. We provide insights into what works, what doesn’t, what needs a tweak and what should be left well alone.
A Soap digital audit looks into your website’s architecture, social media accounts, PPC campaigns, PR campaigns, email marketing, and much more. We can focus on helping you improve everything digital within your company’s framework, such as ensuring your website has valuable content – which can provide you with three times the leads that paid search advertising does.     We use some of the most profound analytical and assessment tools available. This means that we do much more than just scrape the surface – we dig deep and thoroughly audit anything and everything we can get our hands on. All done in the name of helping your business to keep running smoothly.
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Digital Audit Services

A strong and cohesive brand message can help you reach the 46% of website visitors that, on average, leave websites when they find the brand message to be weak. We’re here to help you progress your brand online and scrub up your digital performance until it’s squeaky clean.
From looking for tweaks or improvements to simply get a good eye-ball at how everything is ticking over, digital audits are more important than people give them credit for. Website performance alone can cost you around 79% of return customers, as the world of digital marketing moves so fast that it’s important to take account of how your business is performing in regard to the rest of your industry. During a digital audit, our experts will take a look at the following aspects of your digital strategy:

Keywords and SEO

We take time to analyse your SEO efforts to fully understand your current position. We will then suggest changes based on our findings. These could be relating to keyword volume, value, opportunity, difficulty or even organic and paid traffic.


Site Architecture

How your website operates and the structure on which it follows also needs to be assessed, with specific focus on usability, and features such as load times, security, internal linking, landing pages and more.


Content Marketing

As one of the most important digital features of your website, your content will be high priority during our audit. We assess fundamental aspects of content marketing such as inbound links, social media, directories and PR, as well as determining the quality of your content - is it relevant and authoritative? How frequent is new content being added?


Site Performance

In order to guarantee that your website will remain online, an audit of how well it performs in general will flag up any issues with important features such as site search, page rank, site maps, domains and hosts and much more.


Audience Analysis

Through a range of tools, we conduct data analysis to make sure your digital marketing strategy is successful. It’s important to understand your website audience to increase conversion rates and engagement. Customer Personas are built and tailored to your business - we leave no stone unturned!


PPC Analysis

We understand how applying your budget in an intelligent way will provide you the best possible ROI. Our digital audit service includes all of your paid activity such as social media, Ads, Bing, and any other channels you use.


Competitor Analysis

Undertaking a competitor analysis is essential. By identifying your online competitors and understanding what they do well, you can easily spot the ideal opportunities to outperform them. This will increase your conversion rate and ROI.



We don’t just audit your website! We make sure that you have both a tangible and a comprehensive strategy to be implemented. These recommendations can easily be implemented by your team or ours, but we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your business is successful.

Audit Strategy

All-important conversions

A digital audit is never a wrong decision. There are opportunities that may arise where it would be ideal to take a look at what is going on with your digital presence.
We look into your must-haves, should-haves, and could-haves to provide you with expert tools and strategies. Things such as getting a brand new website built offers the perfect opportunity to take a look at the wider digital health of your business, and the more granular the information is, the more useful it can be. That’s why we delve into so much detail with our digital audits – to give you the most accurate outlook possible.   As we’re in a digitally-focused age, it’s never been as important as it is now to ensure that all your digital platforms are pulling their weight. This gets you noticed and brings in those all-important conversions.

Digital Audit Clients

Featured Case Studies

IPhone — left — Menu (2)

Soap was brought on board to translate the Rheged experience, pioneer a CMS and tie it to an 100% bespoke white label ticketing system API from - a company well know in the states for handling ticket sales for the NBA matches to baseball games.

Starting with a blank piece of paper allowed us to really innovate the seat selection and checkout process, tied to complex business rules we needed (particularly on mobile) to provide a friction free process of reserving and purchasing specific seat for a variety of events

Do You Measure Up?

Want to check how your digital prowess measures up? We’ll gladly give you a helping hand!

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    Arrange Your AuditWe’ll analyse your entire digital presence - onsite and offsite - to establish where you stand within your industry.
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    Unlock Your PotentialTake advantage of not just a digital audit, but a tangible and fully-bespoke strategy to scrub up your business and implement our all-important recommendations.

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