Growth Lending is a financial company that empowers businesses worldwide through funding. This includes offering information for investors, invoice options, and loans, alongside essential funding that allows organisations to thrive.

The Brief


After branching out and expanding their services to offer more support to the businesses they work with, Growth Lending had ended up with three separate websites. The first two serviced their global network, providing geographically correct content for UK and US users. The third website focused on another brand of services surrounding investments.
But, with so many moving parts to contend with, Growth Lending determined that consolidating all three sites under one fun, engaging, and cohesive brand would better suit their needs. With this in mind, our goal was to design and develop a slick, efficient, user-friendly site, that encompasses all three arms of the Growth Lending offering.
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Initial Investigations

We always aim to go above and beyond for our clients, so we had key aspects to consider to generate an end result that exceeded Growth Lending’s expectations. One of these aspects was minimising the negative SEO impact launching a new website can bring, especially when going from three sites to one. Therefore, our initial investigations began with an assessment of their website’s technical health, content, and design.
As with any new SEO client, we put Growth Lending’s websites through their paces with our 150-point SEO audit. This unlocks an incredibly valuable and deep understanding of the technical health of a website. We then used this audit to configure a structured triage list and roadmap of suggested actions.   From a development perspective, we discovered that Growth Lending’s existing websites weren’t fully optimised for mobile. At Soap, every website we build comes fully optimised for all devices, so the 92% of internet users accessing the internet using a mobile phone will have a positive experience. Without this, poor mobile usability and experience can lead to decreased enquiries and potential client losses.   After completing our development investigations, we then moved on to branding. By researching key competitors, we found that finance companies usually opt for a simple site structure, muted colours, and minimal flair. However, Growth Lending wanted to move away from this aesthetic, choosing a more playful approach instead.   Their in-house design team had already created a fantastic brand kit and mascots to support this vision. These mascots acted as the base for the new brand, guiding our design choices.   Overall, our plan prioritised Growth Lending’s branding, usability and expert-driven SEO.
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Starting With The Design

A brand’s tone, look, and feel are where users find stability and trust - critical aspects of success for any business. Preserving Growth Lending’s established brand identity was important, but they also wanted to exude a more playful, less corporate feel. Our challenge was creating a perfect balance between the two.
They’re not the only business breaking out of their industry’s mould. Take a look at Ideal4Finance. We injected fun into their design and helped them stand out from other brands in their industry.   We put forward a unique design concept that focused on colour, vibrancy, and energy. This is unlike the majority of Growth Lending’s competitors, giving them a visual edge.   To achieve a cohesive look, we incorporated their quirky brand assets and helped reinforce their new brand with the use of colours and dynamic, playful block layouts. By committing to this engaging and animated approach, Growth Lending’s new brand identity was strong and assured, backed by knowledgeable content and case studies, yet fun and inviting.   We also utilised their new mascots to signpost vital navigational points on their site. This gently reminded users of the brand throughout their journey, whilst being informative and contributing to a positive user experience.   The characters didn’t do all of the heavy lifting, though. A funkier typeface tied in with bold, bright colours supported this playful rebranding. This provided a more ‘human’ identity, strengthening Growth Lending’s connection with their users, and helping them stand out against market competitors.   Finally, we redesigned their enquiry form to improve UX and efficiency and to streamline their internal operations once an enquiry was made. This is especially important considering, on average, 65% of website visitors won’t complete a form if it asks for too much personal information.
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Delving Into Development

Growth Lending had a deadline to meet, and a requirement for a truly easy-to-use CMS. The answer to this? Our innovative SUDS platform!
SUDS is our own bespoke WordPress theme which allows us to build sites that are robust, with all the latest technology and plugins. It also means that clients benefit from our super intuitive block builder CMS, based on WordPress’s Gutenberg.   With SUDS, Growth Lending are able to easily edit different blocks, images, and content, allowing for a future-proofed website. This is invaluable as it minimises their need for further development investment, saving them time and money long term and allowing us to work with them on tasks that add real value to their site and marketing objectives.   Plugins are an essential addition to any expertly built website. One of the plugins required for Growth Lending’s website, due to its global audience, was WPML – a plugin which makes it easy to build multilingual sites, and serve different content depending on the user’s location.   WPML scans users’ IP addresses to identify their location. It then uses this data to redirect the user to the correct version of the site. For Growth Lending, this plugin enables UK and US users to access the right content, services, and assets for their location.   Another plugin we integrated is Lever; software that scans the internet for job ads posted by Growth Lending, and compiles them on the careers page of their new site.   These implementations allow for a smoother user experience. They also translate across Growth Lending’s internal teams, as inter-department work is reduced, and the space for mistakes and miscommunication is minimised.

Scrubbing Up Their SEO

Growth Lending trusted us to create a visually stunning website to house their pre-existing brands. But, good design is nothing without fantastically implemented SEO.
During our initial SEO investigations, our team uncovered a number of pages that were registering high levels of traffic and search volume. We strategically positioned these high-traffic, high-performing pages so users can find them more easily upon entering the website. Doing this results in a natural page flow, enhancing the user journey and boosting optimisation.   We also determined that while one of their old sites ranked well for branded keywords, there was room for success with new keywords. These new high-ranking, relevant keywords were implemented across their new website. As a result, the onsite content was much stronger, and the website ranked higher in SERPs.   GA4 was also set up by our data experts and implemented into the new Growth Lending website. This aspect of the site setup was integral for reporting and assessing the success of ongoing changes.
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The Result

The site and branding we created hit every essential point Growth Lending was looking for and went above and beyond in functionality and user experience.
The newly launched website is now ranking for 103 new industry keywords. This means Growth Lending’s services are reaching over 11,800 people from organic search alone!   The new website also moved into the top tens for ‘single invoice finance’ searches, placing it on page one of Google. This is particularly valuable, as this keyword was prioritised due to its relevance to Growth Lending’s services and its high search volume.   Looking at the bigger picture, there have been positive signals in their rankings, too. Across all keywords, there were over 100 upward movements, moving the website closer to the top of SERPs. This includes moving from page six to page three for ‘partners for growth’.   Growth Lending’s average engagement time per active user is now 57% higher than the average website.   Growth Lending was blown away by our work, and we’re continuing to achieve fantastic results. We conduct improvements and provide access to our web, design and marketing services whenever they need, as we remain their partner in digital.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Here’s what Growth Lending had to say about us:

“Soap's grasp of what we wanted was very impressive. We have worked with a number of creative web agencies in the past, yet Soap seemed to instantly understand what it was that we were after and what we wanted to achieve. The initial designs were fantastic - exactly the kind of thing we had visualised – and they were really clear throughout as to what was expected of us and when so that we could stay on track for the delivery deadline. Our account manager and overall team interactions showed an exceptional effort to maintain and even exceed the initial schedule set out for the project. This coupled with speedy responses and quickly delivered solutions and suggestions meant it was a smooth process throughout. [...]We wouldn’t change a thing[...] The best web agency I have ever worked with – would not hesitate to recommend Soap to any other business looking for a partner to support the design and build of a new website.”
Lottie BorehamMarketing Manager, Growth Lending

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