Asons is one of the largest law firms in the North West, moreover they are one of the UK’s leading personal injury solicitors and are home to some of the best legal and professional minds in the North West.

The Brief

We collaborated with Asons to overhaul its approach to digital marketing, which especially allowed us to show our skills for generating personal injury leads.

In an industry renowned for its expensive keywords, Asons found it increasingly difficult to not only maintain a healthy PPC and SEO presence but also to keep control of enquiry costs which were becoming increasingly unsustainable.

We were tasked with creating a cutting edge financial web design and marketing strategy. The existing site was not very intuitive and had low visibility on high traffic, competitive search terms. The site relaunched in late January 2014 after a complete overhaul of the its structure and the implementation of best practice SEO techniques. This sent Asons surging up the rankings on many high traffic search terms.

In the highly competitive field of medical negligence, industrial disease and personal injury claims, paid search keywords can cost anywhere from £5 to £55 per click so having the right insight and knowledge was imperative. Our approach was granular, breaking down existing campaigns with more compelling and targeted messaging. This strategy led to an increase in ad relevancy and a significant improvement in quality score.

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Bespoke Claims Calculator

For the majority of medical negligence claimants, one of the biggest questions is always: "How much can I claim?" This is where a bespoke calculator can be so effective in generation new sales.

Recognising this as an important factor, which may be preventing claims from going ahead, we built a free to use compensation calculator. The compensation calculator itself provided a user-friendly, step-by-step guide for users to work out how much they could potentially claim. This new aspect of the site was fully incorporated into our digital strategy and has resulted in a significant increase in organic and non-organic conversions.

The results we achieved indicate our granular approach to this highly competitive and lucrative industry has worked exceptionally well. Across 2014 we saw an overall increased monthly lead volume of over 362%, whilst reducing the cost per click by over 57%.

This is complemented perfectly by the results we saw in lead costs, which across the same period were decreased by 87%. With our professional search services, Asons are achieving more highly relevant traffic with an excellent conversion rate at a much lower cost.

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