For 15 year’s money line has operated as both an on and offline as a social lender aimed as a not for profit charity to help those most in need in an industry where in some cases the opposite can be the case
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The Brief

What We Did

In an aggressive marketspace and saturated marketplace it was important to evolve the brand visually into something that really stood out, something its customers would remember and attribute a real strong memory to customers.
We did this through a bright, playful design accompanied with a swirl ident to give the site a cohesive feel.

Telling the Story

Visually standing out was also just one part, being a social lender it was important to tell the story of why Moneyline are different from other loan companies.
Through a mix of APR comparison, evolving the story in very simple layman’s terms “how it works” and a simple FAQ, enabled us to quickly and easily educate personas of user with what makes Moneyline different.

Fully Connected

Technically as with all Soap clients, that digital transformation was a large part of the project – effectively evolving a business model making use of a variety of digital tools and connecting those together to allow for more intelligent customer view.
In this case integration into CRM whilst complying with GDPR – implementing automation rules allows Moneyline to provide better customer service whilst at the same time reducing administrative overhead.

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