Kara Rose

Kara Rose PR is a Lancashire based public relations company and the winners of multiple CIPR Pride awards. It chose us to help create a new brand identity and website which reflected its personality and style of work.

The Brief

The main issue for Kara Rose was its branding and website didn't reflect the professional status of the company, nor did they promote its aspirations for the future. Whilst it had served its purpose, Kara Rose required a fresh and energetic new brand image to accurately convey the quality of its innovative work.

The website needed to showcase Kara Rose's skills and client case studies in order to appeal to its professional sector. To stand out in the PR industry, a suitably dynamic design was required to showcase Kara Rose PR's award winning work.

To achieve this, we reduced the complexities of PR into a beautiful and restrained design, incorporating few colours and playing on the unique brand name. The use of language also needed to be persuasive and assured, leading to several call to action phrases to inspire confidence in site visitors.

Kara Rose PR website design

Brand Concepts

The “Rose” element of the brand’s name inspired many of the designs. A custom typeface was created to tie in with the emotive flower, leaving the brand logo seemingly bursting with vitality. This proved such a natural choice it was carried throughout the rest of the website, leading to a unique and contemporary design which Kara Rose PR can call its own.

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